Friday, December 14, 2007

Bah Humbug

'Nuff said.
Unlike Ebenezeer Scrooge, I won't be finding the inherent Christmas spirit this year (although I am living with the Spirit of Christmas past, everyone who missed the play this year really missed a great performance). Not that anybody cares (except Dusty), but y'all should remember the old adage, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and guess what, Momma ain't happy. We will be celebrating a new holiday when the kids come home, it shall be known forevermore as Dickless Bastard Day. Until then, small dolls shall be getting piercings, voodoo style... not as actual voodoo, please understand, as I DON'T do the dark side of magick. It is strictly therapy. And yes, it feels good. At least I am honest about my failings.
Have been cleaning out my stashes -- crafts, that is! Have a box of yarn for Martha, she knits afghans and lap robes with her church circle to donate to long-term care facilities. (With thanks to George Carlin for correcting my politically incorrect use of the phrase, nursing home.) And a bag of fabrics for Aunt Sally, whom I HOPE is still quilting. If not, then at least I know she will find a good home for the stuff. Have donated boxes upon boxes to the local thrift shop, and still have more boxes at home. Don't ask about the bags of trash that have left the house! I am trying to find homes for everything usable, rather than just throw away everything that I don't desperately need at this moment in time. What can't be used, I don't feel guilty disposing of, but if it is still serviceable-- well, I wasn't raised to just trash stuff, there are others that may need or want what I don't. So better that they get it, than to have the dumps filled up with items that are still good. For those who disagree and think that I should just play Bag Everything And Throw It Away No Matter What It Is, take a flying leap. I am sticking to my guns (metaphysically speaking, as there are no guns in my house, haven't been for a long time and probably a very good thing right now!). But I digress... if it is still good, it will go to another home, not just get trashed. It's my stuff and as an American I hope that I still have the right to dispose of my belongings as I wish. Although as a low-income American, my rights are minimal, in the system as it stands now.
Anyway, happy frigging whatever holiday you celebrate, and if you need books (yes, I am getting rid of books, mark this day on your calendars, people!) or clothes, please stop by the house soon. It's (almost) all going....

Monday, November 05, 2007

My Mom's Treasure

This is an ashtray from my grandparents' restaurant. Cousin Shelley's cousin gave it to her after his mom died, and Shelley gave it to my mother at the family reunion this summer. This dates back even before my time; I don't know exactly when, but I know as a child in the 60s they used plain glass ashtrays without advertising. So when Shelley gave this to my mom, it became a Genuine Family Heirloom. Since I don't get it until mom passes on (if my brother doesn't accidentally break it by then!), she was kind enough to let me photograph it. So this photo is my heirloom, and I hope very much that I don't get the real thing for a LONG time! I love my mommy!

I Needle Little Lovin'

I got to try my hand at spinning Saturday at a craft festival. I totally sucked at it, but was great fun to try!

This is a photo of some of the famous recycled tote-bags I have been working on. The red one was a gift to a neighbor, the two smaller ones are currently in use for small projects when I am on-the-go, and I also made a purple one like the big red one for myself. The big ones (and some of the small ones) have an extra "pocket" inside to tuck scissors, hook, etc. Is this a great use for old laundry soap bottles or what! And there are more to come, of a totally different design. The smaller ones shown are made using old bleach bottles. The unshown design... is made from all sorts of laundry soap bottles. Photo forthcoming when I get a new battery for my camera (it's an older one that uses the more expensive watch batteries, not the cheapie AA ones...) Can't complain about the cost of the better batteries, as much as I get to use my camera nowadays, the batteries literally last years. Can't even remember what year I last replaced them! (Not that THAT is surprising, I can't remember squat anymore...)

Have also been refining the pattern I have for 2-needle socks. The original pattern is for 2-3 year old kids; by changing needle sizes I have been able to make them adult size. Even doubled the yarn and use size 15 needles to make super-thick ones. Yummy warm, but need to refine the leg part a little more. Have been partying with the box of yarn Dusty sent and making shorty socks and super-sorty socks. The super-shorty ones are basically just slippers, but there are a lot of people that wear socks that are that short, so I am calling them socks! They are so pretty, because Dusty sends BEAUTIFUL yarns! My mom will be getting a green pair for Christmas, made with super-soft green yarn and green eyelash yarn that Dusty sent; luckily Mom doesn't get online unless I am with her to help, so I can tell that big secret! And will include a photo when I get the famous batteries. (Actually have the socks FINISHED already. Wow me!!) And I totally love the result, so will be making quite a few more pairs for her (and eventually myself--- always after everyone else's). Providing I still have use of my hands after all the typing I am doing today!

Watched "Phenomenon" this week, or at least parts of it. Warning: VENTING NEXT MILE! One fellow claimed to be channeling the spirit of an author to learn what selected item was in a sealed box. He communicated via "spirit writing".

The item turned out to be a toy car. The "author's" description was: "Metal. Rectangle. 4 weels."
Yes, that is an accurate transcription. "Weels". Now, if *I* were a deceased author, communicating by WRITING on LIVE NATIONAL TV, I would certainly take the brief half second necessary to SPELL THE WORD "WHEELS" CORRECTLY!!!!! An AUTHOR, for crying out loud! I wanted to reach into the screen and bitch-slap the guy. And tell him that his acting sucked worse than my spinning; did a great impression of a gran mal seizure, but not of interacting with spirits. Unless he was being possessed by a demon, and we all know that authors aren't demons: EDITORS are!

OK, now I feel better. Thank you. Back to watching "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and banning the show "Phenomenon" from my television set permanently. Even though Ross the Intern was one of the "judges"-- I love Ross, but even he can't make up for that!

Great. DH is here, so need to end this and get offline. And now have to give up the computer anyway. Happy frigging Monday...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spoons and Forks and Spatulas, Oh My!

Wow, I rode Alanda's bike to the Community Unlimited meeting last night because I had left later than intended. Bicycles and I are not good friends, more specifically, bicycles and my KNEES are not good friends. Although riding the bike downhill on Park Street with my cape billowing behind me was incredible, today I am paying for it.

On the walk to town to use the library computers, not only did Alanda have to walk behind and give me a gentle nudge up the hill, but when we got to Town and I faced the steps to the sidewalk, I learned that I couldn't bend my knee to go up them. Tried, got one step, and learned that I couldn't put the pressure on the knee to actually move up the steps. Had to walk the long way around to where the sidewalk levels out, which would be ok except that in order to avoid even the single step in front of the library, I would have had to walk another half-block and then back. Which, of course, my knees were hurting too much to permit. So ended up sitting on the short wall and swinging my legs around, and let Alanda pull me up to standing. How embarassing, not to mention painful. At least she knows enough to not just jerk on my arm, or I would be in even worse shape.

This is so pathetic. I hurt too much to walk but am not to the point of needing a wheelchair. Which is a very good thing, as I would never be able to get in or out of my house, since the landlord removed the ramp at the back door when they tore down my garage. Thank Goddess that George is able to walk better since he had the stent put in, or I would have to sue the landlord to get another ramp. He had an awful time making that step, when he was having so much trouble with his legs and balance. So guess that I shouldn't complain. But dammit, my knees hurt and I am tired of living like this and the condescending looks from people that think I am less than worthy because I don't have a job. People would be a bit more polite if I had an "obvious" disability; Parkinson's, for example, or a cast or brace, or something that shows the whole frigging world that "Yes, I do have physical issues, I am not 'just being lazy' or 'thinking I am too good to do certain jobs'." There are days that I want to just pull my hair out by the roots, except it hurts too much to lift my arms that high. (Thought: is that why I am determined to grow my hair long in spite of the care hassles? Trying to get it long enough to pull out without having to lift my arms? Hmmm, could be....)

I realize that there are people in the world with much worse problems than my own, so don't start lecturing me on how I should count my blessings. Believe me, I do appreciate what I do have. Starting with friends like Dusty, who passed the Spoon theory on in her blog. Gives me something to make funny remarks with, such as the time I said I had not only used up all my spoons but had even worn out the spatula. If I couldn't be sarcastic or amusing or whatever you want to call it, I would be so whiney that Dr. Jack would break his parole... For the good of everyone around me, of course; ease their suffering of having to listen to me! (See, more funny ha-ha comments.)

Now that I have typed all this, I am looking forward to going home and sucking down a handful of pain pills. OK, really just one or two. With the arthritis I probably couldn't actually hold a real handful, so put down the phone, I am NOT suicidal. But I will have to put off the pain pills for a few more hours, because tonight is Ruthi's band festival at the high school and I really want to go; and while the pain pills work (sort of), they knock me out more than anything. I don't want to lay down for a little nap before the festival because of the pain pills; I know that it would be more like "Wake up it's MORNING" instead. So, the pills will wait until much later. Wish I could find a compromise, something that makes the pain go away without making me sleep for ten hours... Oh well. (Deep subject: turn it sideways and you have a tunnel. Sorry, had to throw that comment in for old times sake!)

Going to mosey over to My Yearbook and MySpace and see what is happening with the rest of the world. See you in Cyberworld!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Everything in a Nutshell (and I'm the Nut!)

My mom is the bomb. She found a bunch of old photos--- and I do mean old! We went to the library and I scanned them and uploaded them to my Flickr account. Now to get hold of various relatives and see if anyone can identify some of the photos. There is one with about thirty women; we know my grandmother, her mother, her sister, and her grandmother, but the rest are unknown. Taking a wild guess that it was a special family reunion, though, because my grandma and her mom are wearing matching dresses. And my grandma only wore a dress two other times in her life; once for grandpa’s retirement party, and once for her father’s funeral. So I can guarantee that it was SOME special event!

Have been working on some of my crochet projects; overdid it yesterday and today so am paying for it with very sore and tired hands. Makes the typing a bit slower (not that it CAN be much slower…). But I got my purple project bag done, the red one for my neighbor done, the red one for my friend Joanne done, and the autumnal-colored smaller bag done for my mommy. Even got photos, this time! The film is at the store awaiting developing, should be back by Wednesday but then I have to get to Coldwater and have $$$$ at the same time. One or the other I can usually do; it’s the simultaneous activity that throws me off. Hopefully the photos will turn out, since it turns out that my batteries finally died. They do last a long time…. But not forever!

George goes in Thursday to have cataract surgery. Hopefully he will be able to see better afterward, and able to read again. Next step is to get him a hearing aid, so he can stop YELLING BECAUSE HE CAN’T HEAR HIMSELF OR ANYONE ELSE! Not that I am complaining… there are times that his hearing is perfect, usually when you don’t want him to hear you. But the majority of the time, he mishears you just enough to get a good fight going. And of course, he swears that he heard you right. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind: I know you think you understand what I’m saying, but I don’t believe that what you heard is the same as what I said. Or something like that; used to have it on a card somewhere. Now that card is in A Safe Place.

Updated my Myspace profile a bit, check it out. Gotta get home and read the Charlaine Harris novel that the library got for me. And all the other ones in the stack! Easier on the fingers than crocheting, but at least with the crocheting I can watch TV or movies while I work, the kinetic memory works while the brain vegs out on brain-numbing Hypno-gourd activity (if you don’t follow that reference, then go and read anything Xanth by Piers Anthony!).

Monday, October 01, 2007

Still here!

Good grief, I knew I had been busy over the last couple of weeks, but didn't realize that it had been a month since I posted!

George had to go to the ER earlier this month, spent just under a week at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. There is a special place in heaven for the nurses on the cardiology unit, for putting up with him when he started to feel better! He is a grand pick (yes, I meant to type the "P"!!) when he doesn't feel like crapola. They never really figured out exactly what caused his "spell," but did plenty of tests and sent him home happier than when he went in. Of course, at the ER when the doctor wanted to transfer him, he didn't want to go; so the nurse, being a smart woman, handed the consent form to ME to sign. HA HA, we gals stick together, old man! Sometimes men just have to be taken care of, whether they want to be or not.

The one good thing about his stay, was that he got to talk with some of his sisters that he doesn't get to see very often, and he even had visits from his niece and one of his daughters... who brought her month-old baby with her. We are always the last to know..... Wish he would have been able to get a photo, but will be content with his happiness to see Soo Ming. Now that he is home, hope that family and friends will continue to STAY IN TOUCH WITH HIM. Some of us appreciate family!

Our favorite granddaughter got to spend this past weekend with us, so he was REALLY feeling happy when he saw her. She doesn't get down here often, and never gets the message when we call her (thank gods for email!), so Poppy doesn't get to see her as much as he would like to. She is a good kid, and I actually like having her around; the ultimate compliment from me! Ha...

Found George's family tree album, and need to do some updates with all the new nieces and nephews that have been born since I originally compiled it for him. So, will end this post and go do that right now. And make a sign for the laundrymat. And print a pattern for Joanne. Will try to do better with my postings for the next few months..... really!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Sites and Other News

Hey, I'm still here! Have been playing with a couple of new sites, one for Alanda's poetry and one for mine. (Hers is better). These are still works-in-progress, as I both have more poems to upload AND I plan to re-edit the pages currently online. So, be forewarned, these are not Shakespeare (this is a good thing!) but they will pass the time. Click here to view Alanda's poetry, and here to laugh at mine. Then wander over to Myspace and see what I am playing with there... Photobucket is a great site, I found some GREAT craft graphics to put in my scrapbook.

Which brings me to the other news: I *FINALLY* started my things-I-have-made scrapbook, actually putting pictures and comments into a REAL notebook. Well, the photos that I HAVE, anyway; there are so many things I have made that were never photographed. Like the crocheted motorcycle that I designed and made for my MAN back in the day. Never wrote down the pattern because I fully intended to NEVER make another one again. Yet here I am years later, without the motorcycle, without a photo, and without a pattern. Oh, and without the MAN, so I doubt that the motorcycle even exists anymore. Moral of the story, crafters: TAKE LOTS OF PHOTOS!

Friday, August 10, 2007


This is going to be a very popular site: click here to view an online countdown to the end of The Reign of Stupidity.

More Political Humor

Still haven't found the morphing DevilBush, but will share the location of many other anti-Bush humor. Click here to find some really excellent photos and laughs. My favorite is still the button I bought that says "BU__SH__"... even though I had to explain it to a few people. Not everyone is good at Fill-in-the-Blanks jokes...

Hopefully, our country is still free enough that I won't end up in Guantanamo Bay for posting this! Democracy rocks... now if only it were a democracy instead of a millionaire-ocracy. But that's just My Humble Opinion.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Anti Dubya

Now if only someone would send me the animated gif of Dubya morphing into Satan...

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reunion is a great site!

Hey there world! Look who I found hanging out at and! This is Mike, also known (back in the day) as Moose, or Big Mike (to distinguish from the younger Mike, Little Mike). We hung together both in high school (what I remember of it, have spent ---a few-- years blocking the memories of those years in general) and afterward. Mike was in the car the day that Daveykins almost lost his license, but I cried until the cop took pity and let him off with a verbal warning. Those were the days...

It is so nice to know that I still have friends left alive... at least two of my classmates that I *wanted* to see at reunions have died, one from a heart attack, one from a car accident. Another classmate died of pneumonia, another from a heart attack (but he wasn't my "pal" like Crystal was), and yet another from cancer (not too long after graduation, whereas the rest have been in the last ten years). Guess I should be grateful that we are all too old for active duty, or at least I hope we are, because I haven't heard of any of my classmates dying in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet. Now that I have opened that can of worms for the Fates to get ideas from...

Anyway, I am just a happy little camper now, and what would make me happier would be if Mike didn't live on the other side of the frigging country now. But I can't blame him, the weather is much nicer there and the employment opportunities have GOT to be better than here. And he owns his own house! Hey, Mike, looking for a roomie? JK, or am I????

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Goddess Bless the Internet!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my only Little Sister, Dawn! Didn't get her present done yet, and haven't gotten a decent card to send her. So decided to post her photo for the world to see, and let everyone know that she is now.... over forty. Don't ask for details, we don't do numbers here!!!

Friday, June 29, 2007

Died in the Wool

What incredible crappy luck. The library got a new copy of Died in the Wool by Rett MacPherson, and damn if it isn't from the same bad run! Eight pages of Annabelle and Flora, who have absolutely nothing to do with the story.

I may have to take a bus to St. Louis and get a copy directly from the author, at this rate!

At least the other novels by her are all okay, so I am re-reading them (again).

I did get an email from Rett, that her next novel will be out next year: The Blood Ballad. I offered to proofread it for her for free... haven't heard back yet. Hey, I am addicted to Torie O'Shea, I admit it!!!

Still kicking here in Hicksville...

Just wanted to let the world know that I am still here. For what it's worth. Pretty sad that my adopted kids love me more than my blood offspring, but true. Guess it's less embarassing how *CRAZY* I am when they aren't genetically related. But that's OK, because someday it will all come back to them. The wheel turns and all that you send out returns threefold.

There, I've had my say. Wicca Rocks, thank you very much.

Patches had two kittens yesterday, as of 5 this morning they were still alive and healthy. Not to be negative, but we'll see how long that will last. The last few batches of kittens have all passed to Bast before reaching one month. Sad, because they were so frigging cuuuuute. But Al got a kitten from a neighbor, that is actually the offspring of our beautiful missing Casey, and Amour (she named him) is doing beautifully and being a treat to have around. I told her today that when she moves out I am keeping her cat. She didn't like that idea at all, so I told her that if she moves somewhere that she can't keep him (like a college dorm room) then we would be happy to take care of him while she's gone. That went over better.

Will someday get around to posting a photo of Casey, he has been missing since we sold the van this spring. I don't know if he snuck in before it left, or if one of the neighbors shot him, or took him into their house and kept him, or if he just ran off to die somewhere. Or found some fresh you-know-what to interest him and took off after her. But we miss him, he was a sweet cat for being a crazy Siamese.

OK, that's it for now. Need to go home and wash dishes. How exciting is my life?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Late...

Day late and a dollar short.... not a surprise, huh?! Anyway, happy anniversary to Patsy and Frank Simington, 40+ years yesterday. I would say it seems like yesterday, but as I was just a toddler at the time, I honestly don't remember anything other than photographs.

This photo was taken back in 1993 at a Union City basketball game that their son Rick was playing in. The sign refers to the fact that the last time the Chargers won the state finals was in 1961, and this year the team was going for a repeat. Sadly, they didn't make it to the finals that year, but got awfully close and gave it a heck of a shot. I will never forget the sight of Matt (approximately 5'4") literally jumping over a 6' player from the opposing team. Or for that matter, the expression on the other player's face! Somebody somewhere must have it on video, I would like to see THAT posted on YouTube! Don't look at me, though, I didn't even have the still camera with me that particular night...

Rick did go on to set a school record for points scored or rebounds or something like that. Don't ask me, it's a sports thing.... the only sport I do is Quiz Bowl! I did make him a maroon and gray quilt with a Charger horse, and his sports info embroidered in the corners, for his graduation. I do have a photo somewhere, need to find it for my famous Scrapbook (the one that currently exists only in my mind.... and that's a scary place to be lost!)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Paradise on Planet Earth

OK, I'm happy now.

Even though the Rett MacPherson novel had some printing difficulties (eight pages were from a totally different book!), it was a wonderful read. Think I'll wait for the next printing before I buy my own copy, hopefully they will fix those little errors then.

But best of all, and the reason for the title of today's rambling, is that I *FINALLY* got to go to BC Burgers in Battle Creek and get a hamburger. Divine is ten steps short of accurate... these burgers are better than Shaner's (sorry, dude) and even better than my bomb-burgers. Brought one home for Alanda because she didn't get to go with us, and it was still warm after the twenty-minute drive home. And still dee-lish-ous... (I offered to eat it for her, but she would have taken my head off if I had actually tried.) I am telling you, these burgers are fabulous.... and I have missed them so much!!! If the terrorists would eat beef, I would bring them all over here (a few at a time, the building isn't that big) and buy them all lunch at BC Burger; and thus would end all wars forever. Because you can't feel anything negative after eating one of their meals! YUMYUMYUM!!!!! I could almost deal with the high school right now (and that is saying a lot!). Shoot, I even forgive St. Martin's Minotaur for screwing up Rett's new novel, and you KNOW that is a big deal!!!

Mmmmmmm, I will feel good for awhile now... even though I will be booted off the computer here at the library in a couple of minutes so need to end this and get it posted. Remember, when you are feeling down just get to Battle Creek and get a BC Burger; cheaper than Valium and a whole lot more effective!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally Got my Book!

The librarians finally came through, and I am going home tonight with a copy of "Died in the Wool" by Rett MacPherson!
Looks like I won't be painting tonight! About time I get the paint off my arm from the last time I painted the bathroom, first... no, that can wait until I am done reading the book.
So if I don't post or email anyone for a few days, you know what I am doing: reading, and probably RE-reading, Rett's latest novel!
See ya later, everybody!!!

New stuff on the website

Yay, I'm finally getting the website updated. Check here to see the "New and Improved" site... Hey! Wait a minute! Give me a few minutes to get it reposted!!! {grin}

Daddy's Home, and Other Ramblings

What a week...
George went to the hospital last week, was transferred to Kalamazoo and had a pacemaker put in. He is feeling better now than he has for the last couple of years. I am feeling a lot of relief, I must admit. Just have to learn how to cook again, now that he is on a low-sodium, low-cholesterol diet. Low sodium wouldn't be a problem, I use every spice except salt it seems like; however, there are so many things out there that don't necessarily have salt but their sodium levels are outrageous. Even cottage cheese! Luckily, he is LOW not NO sodium; as long as *I* dish out the food he will be ok. Before, he would eat the entire container of cottage cheese; now, with me playing Cook of the Day, he gets a small serving (about half the recommended serving size) and that is all. Of course, last night I went "fancy"... I put some cottage cheese in a bowl, added some peach low-fat yogurt, mixed it all together and tossed some fresh-picked strawberries on top. Looked cute, and was even tasty enough that he ate every last bite. I know it sounds kind of yucky, but that's because I don't like cottage cheese myself. The finished result looked and tasted like a pudding. (Personally, I still prefer chocolate!)

Darrell and Savvy were here for the weekend, a great time was had by all. He fixed the neighbor's friend's kid's bike for him, mowed my lawn (which is what George was doing that sent him to the hospital in the first place), and gave the kids a good lecture on how to behave when Daddy got home from the Cardiology Unit. Savvy totally defeated my lectures to everyone in town that Darrell is NOT my boyfriend, by calling me Mom. But since she is one of my Adopted Kids, I can cope... after all, at one point she was my granddaughter, before her birthmother decided that she wasn't my stepdaughter after all. Talk about your one-branch family tree...

Anyway, the Weeks Family Reunion is in a couple of weeks, and I am hoping to get to attend this year. Have an old family photo that I am HOPING someone can identify. We know the man in it is Grandpa Smith, but the woman is unfamiliar. A pox on the people that don't write names and dates on the back of photos!!! (Or that do, then glue them in an album so that you can't read the backs!) For that matter, a pox on whoever got me interested in genealogy! With names like Smith, Jones, Brown, Weeks, and Carpenter on the family tree, Tylenol is a good investment...

Cheaper than tequila, too....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Help Me!!!

Finally found a photo online of the christmas stockings that I *used* to have the patterns for. The site that had this photo said that the pattern was in the December 83 issue of Crochet World, and I found that issue for sale on ebay, but turns out that it is the wrong issue. I am 99% sure that it WAS in Crochet World, and 100% sure that it was a December issue (duh!!!), but only know for sure that it was during the 1980s. If anyone has the pattern or can get the pattern, PLEASE let me know! I am getting desperate, I really want to make a few sets again and I DON'T want to try to make the pattern myself! Please, all my crafty pals, help me out here! Anyone that finds the pattern and gets it to me, I will make you a pair if you want!!!
Thanks folks. I needed to vent a bit there for a second!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photos to Blackmail With...

Just had to post these photos, because it is so much fun to tease the kids that "I put your picture on my blog/website/myspace..."
The first one is Alanda, in her room, I don't know exactly when it was taken. Recently, that much I am sure of.

The second photo is of Eric, no idea when Al took this of him but do know that it is in the gym at the high school. You can tell because the lighting pretty much sucks for photography in there. But he still looks cute...
Eric was one of the stars of the recent comedy hit, "Nothing But the Truth," put on at the high school by Community Unlimited. Did I mention that my camcorder power died fifteen minutes into the first act? Luckily, Kim's dad got everything on tape---and I do mean, EVERYTHING,burp---and that's a story for a different day...

Monday, May 14, 2007

How Times Change with the Kids

Had an email about how things change from your first kid to your third kid. Don't have it with me, but do have the additions that I made for it:

Baby Books. For your first child, you take 200 photos every week, save their umbilical cord when it falls off, have their little footprints in the book, and fill out the family tree back to Adam and Eve. Second child, you get their birthday photos in, maybe, and the family tree goes back to your grandparents. Third child, the baby book is still in the wrapper at their fifth birthday party and you still haven't developed the film from their third birthday party.

hmmmm, nipple questions too: first child, you breastfeed every single drop no matter how inconvenient the location. second child, you breastfeed and pump for the bottle for when you are in public. third child, you stick a nipple on the pepsi bottle and go from there.

Hey, no one is arguing with me! LOL
Now, to come up with some witty stuff about baby blankets...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Lots of Gallimaufries Today!

To all my Pagan pals, HAPPY BELTANE!!
Tonight the plan is for a Birthday/Beltane Bonfire Blast, to celebrate Alanda turning 18. I get to chaperone a bunch of teenagers, yippee. At least no one has griped because I demand it is booze-free; when she turns 21 it will be a different story. Until then, no underage drinking on my property. After then, probably still no drinking on my property! Too many things can go wrong, because so many people just don't know when to stop. What can I say, I'm a party-pooper. {ha}
Printing up the graduation invitations for all the people that I don't have email addresses for. Since I haven't worked for awhile, don't get welfare, and just found out that I won't be getting a tax refund after all, anyone that I can email gets their invitation that way. God, how I do love the Internet! Except for Yahoo right now..... I want to take their "Error 999" and stick it right in their USB ports....
Eddy is still dead, but my favorite techie emailed me directions to diagnose the issue. Also got input from a local, and had my own thought as a result of his suggestion. Hopefully one of the suggestions will work to resuscitate poor Eddy; since I am not likely to receive another free computer in this lifetime, and if I DID get one I would be hard-pressed to find a name for it. Maybe I should start going with names of Girl Singers instead of Boy Singers... except that all we females KNOW that computers are male. (Could always compromise with Boy George or Alice Cooper...)

Alice Cooper was on Last Call with Carson Daly this week, and has written a new book. Alice Cooper, heavy metal rocker for what--thirty years?-- is a golf addict. And admits it on national tv. What guts! And to prove it, here is the cover as shown at I just might request this at the library, just to see what The Man has to say. Like our library would get a book by ALICE COOPER, ha that's a good one! The man could write a book on Bible Study and they would find an excuse not to get it because of his "history"... hey, Vincent, if by chance you read this, I challenge you to write that Bible History Study so I can prove my theory of intolerance at my local library! And I promise to buy a copy if you will come to Union City to autograph it for me!

Here's a great quote from his website bio:

However, if that's not stomach-churning enough for you, then consider this, perhaps his sickest outrage: Alice Cooper actually ran for President of the United States against that other paragon of perversion, Richard Nixon. What's really sick, though, is that Alice lost. [italics and bold print are my addition.]

Hey, if The Terminator and Jesse Ventura can be elected governors, why not?! Vincent, run again: you will definitely have MY vote! And now that Alanda is 18, I can't guarantee her mind but would bet my yarn stash, or even my Sharyn McCrumb novels, that you will have HER vote. (If not, she is not my clone after all!)...

OK, I will get off my political soapbox for now. And start saving up my pennies for Vincent's campaign drive! Need to get home and start frying hamburgers for the Bash, and pick up the cake on my way home. Didn't get the original cake that I wanted, had to settle for the mundane-yet-appropriate purple flowers. (Alanda means "purple flower.") So if you are reading this today and in my neighborhood, stop by a burger and some cake and ice cream!

And don't forget, graduation is next month!

In the spirit of Family and Friendship: You are invited to join us in celebrating the graduation of Alanda Bernadette-Cheri McRae
On Sunday, June 3, 2007 At 2:00 PM Union City High School
430 St. Joseph Street Union City, MI 49094
Come early for a good parking space!
Please join us for cake and punch after the ceremony at our home Three blocks from the school.
School Colors: Maroon and Grey
Class Colors: Maroon and White
Favorite Colors: Silver and Black

Monday, April 30, 2007

Eddy's Dead

My computer at home died this weekend. I am so miserable that I am actually cleaning house. Please send chocolate, books, and earplugs as soon as possible! And Pepsi, I could really use some Pepsi. And chocolate chip cookies. With or without milk for dunking (in spite of my college past, I refuse to dunk my cookies in Pepsi).

Other than that, Alanda turns 18 this week; providing we all live that long.... raging hormones and a full moon, graduation stress, all combine to make people more crazy than usual. And then Eddy the computer dies. And here I finally found a photo I had been looking for, of Dusty, from MSU; and I can't scan it and I can't add it to my screensaver. THIS SUCKS!!!

I was looking for something to read while eating the other day (I know it is bad to read while eating, but I don't care) and I picked up a copy of She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb that was sitting there innocently on my bookshelf. Hadn't read it in awhile. Twelve chapters later I realized it was almost time to get the kids up for school! This woman is so darned good, and she even answers her fan mail! Really!
If you get the opportunity to read any of her Ballad novels, clear your schedule because these books are very hard to put down. Sharyn and Rett MacPherson, my two published idols. (Dusty is going to be added to the short list as soon as she sends me a copy of her published novel).
OK, now it is time to hit the library shelves and grab a few copies of her other novels, that I don't have at home. Don't expect to hear from me for a couple of days!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Duh Attack and Spring Fever

Well, duh. I just discovered that I never posted the pix of Tricia's pink baby blanket! So here are some shots of the blanket to go with the picture of the booties that I made to go with the blanket. (Tired yet? I can get you a road map to help follow along.... this IS called "Ramblings" for a reason!)

Got spring fever this weekend, and fixed up the ugly white mailbox. These photos are a little off because of the sunlight hitting just right, the mailbox is NOT striped. Just plain bright yellow! And the flag is definitely a contrasting color! Gorgeous shade of green, my friend Randy calls it "Froot Loop Green" but I love it anyway. {grin} I also painted the driveway posts, since my mom always has trouble seeing them at night. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the first post to the left of the mailbox. George woke up from his nap, and asked "Who went yellow crazy?" Damn it, they are pretty now! Sometimes I think that I can't do a thing without a smarmy comment from him . This was one of those times. Oh well, buckos, my mailbox is now PRETTY and *I* like it. So there!!!

Another Accomplishment, and Life in a Small Town

Not the best photo, but they are so cute and warm! These are the pink baby booties I made to go with the baby blanket I made for Tricia from FrankTalk fame.

Just dropped them and the blanket off at the local dimestore, for her dad to pick up tomorrow when he delivers the magazine. I just love living in a small town! Couldn't do that at your local WalMart!!! Although there are many times I can think of things I DON'T love about living in a small town, the good stuff outweighs the bad. Although I would still rather live in the countryside of the small town, rather than smack in the center, but without a car this is the best spot for us. I can walk to the grocery store, and the laundrymat, and the post office, and the library, and the schools, and sometimes I even get really lucky and someone stops and gives me a ride. Not going to happen in New York City, I bet!

What really gets me, is that Alanda wants so much to live in New York City, second choice is Chicago; but she is adamant that she won't move to Battle Creek because it is too dangerous! Now, I won't say that the town isn't dangerous, ANY town can be; but I would be more afraid to have her live in Coldwater (smaller and "safer") because of certain conditions there. Won't go into details, just say that there are people in that town that she is safer being far away from. Since we never know when he is in or out of jail, I figure it's just best to stay away from there whenever possible. Still, afraid of Battle Creek but not of NYC. I give up figuring this kid out!

Not that she is much of a kid anymore. She went to the prom, after much debating on whether she wanted to or not, and ended up having the best time of her life. Considering what a fiasco the other school dances end up, I was relieved to say the least. We figured it out, though: the prom wasn't held at the high school! She had one anxiety attack, but her friends helped her through it with the co-operation of a teacher who let them break rules by leaving the building and coming back in. Teacher stayed with them, of course. So since they were chaperoned, *I* don't consider it breaking the rules. So there! Thanks, teach...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Another One Done!

Yay me! I finished the baby blanket for Dylon, and he is only three months old! LOL

This isn't the best photo, but the batteries in my beloved digital camera were on their last positrons. I put it over Liam while he was sleeping, thus proving that YES it is big enough for a growing baby (I had my doubts at one point). The mommy has promised to send me a photo of baby and blankie, when she does it will be posted for posterity. Stop laughing, I'm serious here...

Have started the pink baby blanket for Tricia, the Mommy's Day columnist for FrankTalk. Little Luci Lyn is due around Ruthi's birthday, so I am fairly confident that I will get it done in time. It is looking *so* good, if I say so myself. The center of the MAM strip is hot pink, with borders of white and pastel pink. There will be two panels with dark pink centers instead of hot pink centers; in my mind's eye it is delightfully pretty. Even though it's pink... I can't help it that pink is not my favorite color (although an awesome singer!!), but I gotta admit that this one is an exception to the rule. (The hot pink helps, it really "shouts" and offsets the sleepiness of the white and pastel.)

Am thinking about making a maroon and gray one for Alanda for her graduation. That's this June, too, so if I do it needs to be started soon. If I use two strands at once and a P hook, I could get it done in no time (if the arthritis doesn't flare up too badly). The finger I tried to break (by falling on the ice) is a little better, I can use it to type on the computer now. But still have a LOT of pain when bending it or straightening it. Not to mention the swelling, which is hard to notice because my fingers are so chunky in the first place... Yes, my life sucks. Get over it! If I can put up with the bu--sh-- that is my life, so can you!!!

Want to make a blanket for my best bud, Diana, but since she is going through Cleaning Mode, I hate to give her something else to be put away for the summer. Besides that, she is a much better and more prolific crafter than I am; it would be like cooking for Martha Stewart. Except that I like Diana, and I don't like Martha. I used to make her lap quilts every year for Christmas, until I finally got to see some of her quilting. The woman did impossibly tiny stitches! I am nowhere near that skilled, in spite of all the years of practice. But I keep trying, and need to get to work on the baby quilt mom wants me to make for Baby James (my sister's step-daughter's new baby). But it is so much more fun to write! I wrote a "ghost column" for Ruthi, in case she doesn't get her column done in time this week. I must say, it is pretty good-- although nowhere near her talent! Will post it on my website Just Call Me F7 later tonight, I think...

Well, time to read this week's FrankTalk online and get my website updated! Check out the website, and write something in my new guestbook!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another one done in time!

Got the teacher's baby blanket finished and delivered before she delivered! (LOL)

Mrs. Wattie, the art teacher at the high school, had a boy Monday. His name is Vincent, and this blankie should last him into high school. The granny squares are the "fancy" ones, with interlocking loops at the corners. The rows alternate squares of red/yellow/blue (primary colors) with white borders, with squares of purple/orange/green (secondary colors) with white borders. Then each row is bordered, top to bottom: red, orange, yellow,green, blue, purple (rainbow order). Finally, the whole blanket is bordered with white, red, yellow, blue, white, purple, orange, green and white, with picoted scallops along the final border. That's Alanda in the photo, holding the blanket upside down. RED AT THE TOP, I told her. Well, we were all a little upside-down that weekend...

Now I am working on one for Liam's counselor at the elementary. She had a boy back in December, his name is Dylan. This one is a new pattern that I finally learned, the mile-a-minute. The strips are variegated blue, with borders of medium blue and red. Looks pretty good so far; have one more strip to make, then sew together the last three strips, and I can take photos. This one is a bit smaller than I usually like to make, because in adapting the original afghan pattern I shortened it a bit more than I thought. Still plenty big for a baby blanket, though. I just like to make blankies that can be used for a LOOOOONG time. Figure if I put that much work into it, the recipient better get lots of use out of it!

I've also started a baby blanket for Tricia, who writes for Frank Talk Magazine (see the link to Ruthi's column at the right). Tricia writes the column, All in a M0mmy's Day; she has a ten-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son, and little Luci is due in late May/early June. (We all know that the doctor says one thing, but the babies never listen to THEM!) I told her to hold out for June 5th, Ruthi's birthday. This one is another MAM pattern, in pink and white. I got even more creative with this one; playing with the pattern, adding licks and tricks here and there... I have a vision, and it will turn out that way come heck or high water!!! (HA!) Watch this space for further updates and photos of work-in-progress!

I was going to do a whole post about the dead elmo in front of Ben's house, but he still hasn't emailed me the photo he took of it and I never got one done myself before the thaw. Once the ice melted this week (for a few days) someone wasted no time in getting rid of the elmo body... before that it was frozen to the sidewalk. When Ben tried to pull it out of the ice it made very bad sounds, so it was left until warmer days. I made a comment about salting the ice so it would melt faster, and of course then I walked home singing about salted dead elmos and kentucky fried big birds with a helping of mashed snufflalumpalous. I have no idea how to spell snufflalumpalous, and really don't care; I may write the post even without the photo, but it wouldn't be the same. Ben, send me that photo!!! I have so many plans for that picture... photoshop is a wonderful program! {evil giggle}

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby's growing up!

Can you believe, when I brought this dog home I smuggled her into the house inside my coat?! My SHORT coat!

Now she just needs a saddle, and I would never need a car again.

Being Lab mix, she is very friendly. As in, "Oh boy somebody new to PLAY with and give me LOVIN'!!!!!" If you are under 5'3" tall, or weigh less than 175 pounds, you probably shouldn't visit, because she will take you DOWN. Not to hurt you, just to lick your face and break your leg wagging her tail.

Every time I see "Over the Hedge" I think of her, when the little Rott puppy comes on. (Nakeyta is also part Rottweiller, but it doesn't show; with her ears, I think she might have some Shepherd or Chihuahua somewhere in the DNA as well). If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean when I yell "Play! Play!" If you haven't seen the movie, go to the library and rent it, it is hilarious. When you see the puppy, picture it all grown up to Pony size, and you have 'Keyta!

One more interesting tidbit, she is Italian by osmosis. As if it weren't weird enough that my cats will eat chip-dip, my dog eats spaghetti. And goulash. If I buy a brand of hard dog food that she doesn't like, all I have to do is pour olive oil over it, or pour some spaghetti sauce on it. And no, it isn't meat-flavored sauce; remember Ruthi is a vegetarian and won't eat anything even flavored with meat. Not even ramen noodles. Great, it is officially easier to feed my fur-kins than to feed my skin-kins...


Friday, March 02, 2007


From the Chattanoogan:

James Brooks, 48, of Hixson, died Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007.

He was a native of Burlington, Mi. He was known for his hard work and dedication as product manager with Sierra Solutions.Jim loved music, football, photography and a good laugh. He enjoyed traveling extensively throughout the United States with Sierra Solutions, where he had the opportunity to make many friends. He will be greatly missed.

A beloved son, brother, father and uncle, he is survived by his mother, Carol Coffey, of Hixson; a son, Josh Brooks, of Chattanooga; siblings, John Brooks, of Reno, Nev., Sherry Parris, of Hixson, Linda Fuller, of Reno, and Shane Brooks, of Harrison; as well as several nieces and nephews.

Services were held Sunday at the North Chapel of Chattanooga Funeral Home. Entombment will be at Hamilton Memorial Gardens.Please share your thoughts and memories at or here in the comments section. Arrangements are by the North Chapel of Chattanooga Funeral Home, Crematory & Florist, 5401 Highway 153, Hixson.

Jimmy was my cousin on my sister's side, the oldest of Aunt Carol's kids. I am so tired of the only family reunions being ones where the "guest of honor" is passed on! Worse yet, I didn't even get to attend this one, because I had no way to get clear down to Tennessee from here! {make crying sad face}. So, to all my family and friends: come up here now and visit me while I can still enjoy your visit! If the trip is too much, at least email me. I miss everyone so much...

OK, now I have to go and cry because I've started thinking of all the people that have gone on before me that I miss. Shirley, Mamaw, Papaw, Grandpa Ted, Danny, Timmy, Grandma Thelma, Grandpa Clyde, Mike, Stan, Leo, Crystal, Uncle Leon... and all the ones that I never got to meet: Grandpa Ben, Grandma Edith, Grandma Weeks...

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

My neighbor's son, the artist

Promised Sherideth, Angel of the Block (grin) that I would post a picture of her son Jaymz. He did these in his morning graphic arts class at the Calhoun Vo-Ed Center (or whatever fancy name they have this year...). Not only is he a hottie (for a kid), he is an excellent artist. Even though he hates to have his photo taken. And to really stun the world, he is a good driver! A teenage male that actually drives well: yet another sign of the Apocalypse... Hopefully will be able to get some non-graphicked (new word;
don't bother looking it up in Webster's, it isn't there yet) photos of him sometime, even if only on the morning bus to school while he is
napping. Catching the bus at 6:30 in the morning should be considered cruel and inhuman punishment... One thing worse than catching the bus that early: trying to get a kid up in time to catch it... oh well, I love ya Ruthi!!! (grin!)

Snocoming—how prophetic

I love my digital camera! Here is a photo of Alanda on Extreme Maroon and Grey Day, wearing a purple sweatshirt from our arch-rival school, Athens. I borrowed it from a friend, because Al is a little rebel…

...and here are Alanda and Savanna getting ready to go to the Snocoming Dance. Beautiful dresses, beautiful girls… And then the prophecy hit.

Why do they have to call it Snocoming? Because that is exactly what happened after the dance! YUCK!!!
Thankfully, by the time I got over the 24-hour bug I had yesterday and was able to get here to the library to post this, it is up to 40 degrees and the river has melted, so Spring might actually be on its way.... please!!!!!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Have about one minute to post, so here is my quickie for the day:

Have added Ross-the-Intern's blogsite to my list of links at the right; also added a link to FrankTalk, so you can pop over and read Ruthi's column every week. New editions are online every Monday.

This is my neighbor's daughter, Belle. Ain't she a cutiepie!!! Alanda took this picture with my beloved cheapie digital camera; we have entirely too much fun with that camera! THANK YOU CAROLE!!! (Sorry if you are tired of being appreciated, Carole!) Later I will post a pic of the blanket I made for Belle when her sister Beth was born (didn't want a jealous big sister!) and the one I made for Beth.
Now it turns out that Alanda's friend's mom is pregnant. Definitely must be something in the water... so one more blankie to start crocheting. Add to the list of BABIES EVERYWHERE. Shaner, if you are reading this, PLEASE tell me that YOU don't have another on the way!
Tonight is Snocoming at the High School. Yippee. Will hopefully have pix to post next week.
Have a great weekend, y'all!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Groundhog Day and Other I Told You Sos

Well, the famous Puxatawny Phil didn’t see his shadow, so according to folklore we will have an early spring. Guess what folks, it is so early that it was last year! Remember all that fabulous weather last December and this January? That was our early spring!!!

And remember how, while I was reveling in the nice warm weather, I kept saying that real winter would eventually hit and it would hit hard. Look outside your windows; I was right. Boy, when I am right, I am right with a vengeance! Would have been nice to have been wrong just this once. I really am not a fan of the white Goddess Dandruff. Give me sunny beaches any day! (Actually, I prefer the woods to the beach, but you get my drift…) Might not be so bad, if I had been able to get a wood burner for the house, this year. Our furnace is older than I am, and with a messed-up thing that makes it run: it blows hot air for so long, then blows COLD air for even longer. The temperature on the thermostat and on the thermometer are vaguely close to each other… have to set it at 60 to get it to go to 70. Or something like that, either way it is mucked up…

Am giving serious consideration to packing a suitcase (wish that Eddy the Computer was a notebook!) and hitch-hiking to Florida. Hey, Darrell, do you ever head south when you’re driving that pretty purple rig all over the country? If so, you need a co-pilot! You know where I live, haul your *** over here! We even have a real coffeepot now, so you don’t have to settle for instant coffee before we leave. (Ooh, I hear air brakes in the distance!) Be careful out there, the roads are slicker than a New York politician…

I am so proud of my mommy. She actually got to read her own email and send messages this weekend! With just a little help!

Here is my future fur coat.... Just kidding!

And see, I really *DO* wash my dishes!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Happy Imbolc! And Other Fun Stuff...

To all my pagan pals, Happy Imbolc! Officially the last day to have Yule decorations up; since I never actually put mine on display this (past) year, I guess I was safe, but finally got them all back into the basement until December today. Soon I will be able to sit in my chair again in the living room! (More likely, soon it will be moved onto the porch...) The ancient belief, according to my book Seasons of the Witch, (thanks again, Dusty!) is that any decorations left up after today become a hiding place for goblins. I have enough problems already, goblins I DON'T need!

Got the rest of the pix uploaded from my previous post, except the one of Sarah the Llama. Maybe I will get that one up tomorrow. OK, realistically it will be next week; tomorrow is Saturday and the library is only open from 9 AM to noon, and everyone knows that I am *NOT* a morning person! So, here are the pix of Alanda and her shirt (it is so shiney!!!) and of Nakeyta, that Ruthi thinks I spell wrong. Hey, it's the Irish spelling.... OK, I'll tell the truth: every time I see "Nakita" (the way Ruthi thinks it should be spelled), I think of "Akita", which is a breed of dog. This would be like naming the neighbor's chihuahua "Malamute." Just doesn't work for me!

I am so happy, Ruthi's column this week in FrankTalk is about stupid people, and she never mentioned my name once! This column is a showcase of her acerbic wit; I just wish she had asked me for some examples, I have some real goodies. Like the girl at the cash register at the grocery store, that gave me Canadian coins in my change. She started to take them back, and give me "real" money (first "duh" award). Then, I told her that it was okay, that I was saving all my Canadian change in case I ever went back to visit Canada. Her answer? I swear to God and Goddess, she honestly said, "Oh! You can use it there?" in total surprise. At least she had counted the change right....

Which brings me to the next Duh Recipient: another cash register story. At a certain fast-food take-out drive-through (rhymes with Locko Hell), when the girl gave me my change for a twenty, I told her, "But I gave you a thirty." This poor kid actually looked through the cash drawer to find the thirty dollar bill I said I had given her. I let her look for a minute, then pointed out to her that there is no such thing as a thirty dollar bill. Thankfully, she had a sense of humor! She even went up front and told her co-worker what I had done to her, and they both laughed.

Sadly, in a later incident I was relating the story to my friend's fifteen-year-old daughter, and had to EXPLAIN to her why this was funny.
As in, "Kara, there is no such thing as a thirty dollar bill."
"Yes, really; I was just joking with the cashier."
"Seriously, NO there are NO thirty dollar bills, and if someone gives you one it is FAKE."
Some teenagers are just so stubborn.

But, bless their little hearts! They are so much fun to pick on! (I won't even go into poor Darcy at Jack's Grocery, who turns twelve shades of red when I ask her which aisle the Twinkies are in.)

And to prove that I am an equal-opportunity smart-aleck, I also pranked people when *I* was a cashier. Working third shift, it's pretty easy. Once, I told a group of men (at three in the morning) that I couldn't sell them cigarettes because the city council had recently passed a bill banning tobacco sales after 2 AM. After they bitched and moaned for a few minutes about politicians and government, I asked them if they believe everything they hear. And sold them the cigarettes, while we all laughed at their gullibility.

Then there was the teenager who came in to buy a bottle of Mountain Dew, and I told him he had to prove that he was over eighteen. He was quite distraught to learn that a new state law banned the sale of caffeine to minors, because it is an addictive substance. I let him pout for a minute, then sold him the pop under the condition that he not tell anyone that I did because I didn't want to lose my job for selling it to him. Bet that kid carries his ID all the time, now... (Hey, caffeine is an addictive substance, and I am honestly surprised that its sale hasn't been banned for minors! Give California a month or two after this is posted, someone will send this to the Terminator and then all California teens will be burning me in effigy!)

So, everybody watch your change, and get your holiday decorations put away so the goblins don't get you (and give you Twinkies, Darcy...)!

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Really Rambling Around

So many things to write about today! I had to catch Nakeyta today, she somehow slipped off her chain again… we are pretty sure that she is getting help, because if the chain isn’t broken and her collar is still on, how does she get the chain unhooked from the collar? She’s smart, but not * that * smart! Or at least, not that coordinated! The good part is that all I did was walk outside, call her name, and she came running right to me. Usually she runs right to me and PAST me because she wants to play “catch me!” So this was a nice change. Right now as I write this, she is on a chair pad by the computer (writing at home to post later at the library), being the sweetest, quietest puppy ever seen. She is so cute! Yep, proud mommy here…

Also found a photo of Mom with her coleus this summer. She has Grandma’s green thumb; I have a purple thumb. Her flower garden is gorgeous! Even in the winter she has it pretty; she put fake flowers out! Wish I had been there last week when the ice storm hit, to take photos; she said that the flowers were covered with so much ice that they were three times their original size. Bet that would have been quite a sight! Even though I missed it, I did get this picture in September; this huge coleus is actually planted in a coffee can! Root-bound much???!!! Also got a photo of Sarah the Llama. I really want to make a sign for mom’s house that says “Mama’s Llamas,” it just sounds SO cute!!!

Then, thanks to the beloved digi-cam, I finally got photos of the shirt I made for Alanda, and her cloak. I used the sewing machine for the shirt, but the cloak I made before I borrowed the machine, so it is sewn entirely by hand. And amazingly, not a single bloodstain on it! Stunned that my fingers were still attached by the time I was done…

OK, got the word that I only have five minutes left, so better get this uploaded….

Friday, January 26, 2007

I weigh HOW much???

Basically, this is the expression on Alanda's face when she read the scales at the doctor's office this week. Then I took my foot off the scale....

My bruises should be gone in a month or two! {LOL}

Actually, in this photo she was reacting to my joking around with my buddy John. Chick has no sense of humor! Of course, she had had a long day that day, school and 4H and little sleep. Excuses, excuses...

New semester starts next Monday. What a way to start something new, with a MONDAY. Oh well, thank the gods that * I * am done with all that!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A Thousand Words

Yes, I actually took a photo to prove that I cleaned and organized my cupboard! Isn’t it pretty? Now if I could only get the rest of the cupboards looking this good… time, give me time, it will happen… even this year! I promise!

Now why did I make a stupid promise like that?

Put twelve things on my to-do list for today. If I actually make it to town and get this posted, that will be one item I can cross off. Wow, there is a total of eight things that require me to go to town. So naturally it is snowing like a bee-jee-suss…look on the positive side, at least the flakes are gently falling and not blowing in a big old blizzard. Ugh, what a depressing thought! Would be much prettier to look at if I didn’t have to walk with Liam tomorrow to the dentist after school. And I know the white stuff isn’t going to go away before then…

Items in progress in the yarn department of my life: cabled scarf for me, baby blanket for the art teacher. Things to make by the end of next month: baby blanket for the counselor at the elementary, hat for Ben, apples for Ben and John, cabled wrist-warmers to match my scarf, new hat with cables (hopefully a little more snug than the one I wear now, beautiful colors and fun pattern to knit, but has been stretched out a lot since I first made it). Things to make within the next four months: baby blanket for new step-nephew, baby blanket for Mom’s friend at work, baby blanket for friend’s new grandson. Things to make during the rest of my lifetime: no, don’t think I’ll list those, there isn’t enough room on the Internet!

Randy Travis Concert, and other Pix

Went to see Randy Travis in concert at Hillsdale County Fair back in September of 2006. This was Alanda's second concert; her first was Randy Travis in Hillsdale in September of 1989! Not that she remembered it, being only four months old at the time. But this one she will remember for a long time, especially as I got to take photos this time. And FINALLY got the film developed this month for my late birthday present!!!
This is the best one, I had to share it with everyone. Randy Travis is so cool, even if he does sing that twangy stuff...

And of course, had to add a picture of the kids, from the digital camera that I don't have to wait for developing! I love this option! Especially since I have Eddy the Computer at home! If I had to go to the library to download, it could be a problem. BUT who cares! I can do pictures!!! Me so happy.... thank you, Carole, again! And again and again and again....

Babies, babies, everywhere!

Either there is something in the water (good thing I drink Pepsi!) or there was a party I wasn’t invited to (wouldn’t have gone anyway; I’m in hermit mode until spring). Whichever, there are new babies all over in my life!

In no particular order…

Marie has a new grandson, named Ethan, isn’t he an absolute doll! Grandkids are great; spoil them and send them home! (No, I don’t have any of my own, and it better stay that way for a *long* time!)

My sister’s stepdaughter had a baby boy last week, his name is James, and I don’t have any photos yet. Big surprise, since I don’t even have any photos of the stepdaughter! Shoot, I’m lucky to get photos of my sister! Found a bunch from when we were little, but recent ones are few and far between…

The counselor at my son’s elementary school had a baby boy during the Christmas Break (December 22, to be exact). She should be back to work next month, so I have time to make a blanket; I didn’t know ahead of time, because I only got to see her a few times at the beginning of the school year and she was really NOT showing. I didn’t get his name yet…

The art teacher at the high school is currently pregnant; my oldest daughter has her for art and last semester my youngest daughter had her for Spanish. My mom has a friend at work that is pregnant, not due for quite awhile yet (but boy -- how time flies). And finally, George’s niece Cherish is pregnant. If there is anyone else in the family that is in the family way, nobody has bothered to tell us yet… I think that six babies/babies-in-progress is enough for now! My fingers are starting to hurt already, thinking of all the blankets to be made…. Oh yes, let’s not forget that I have a friend with a pregnant friend. So I guess that makes seven; I probably won’t be asked to make a blanket for the friend’s friend, but one never knows! Maybe if I don’t mention it to the friend, and stop knitting or crocheting or sewing whenever he is around so that maybe he will forget that I do that…. Nope, *that* ain’t going to happen! After all, this is the friend that I knitted a six-foot scarf for one year, and he still has the crocheted octopus that I made him for Christmas about, let me see, twenty-one years ago. Oh lord, now I am really depressed, it can’t have been that long!!! But my oldest is almost eighteen, and we were friends about four years before she was conceived (NO, not by this male friend!!!)… Jeez, time really does fly by! Seems like only last week that we met at the library…

Yep, I got some good, long-time friends! And so far, none of them are pregnant this month…

Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This is a photo of the very first blanket/bedspread that I ever crocheted. Granny squares, 48 of the little stinkers, made from whatever scrap yarn I could find or beg from Grandma. I gave it to my sister for her birthday that year, I don't even know what year it was now. That's how long I have been doing these things. Rumor has it that my mother still has the blanket safely tucked away. (Knowing her house, and the field mice that sneak in when the cats are watching satellite TV, I don't know if "safely" is the most accurate term...)

I like making granny squares, they are portable and second-nature. I used to make them during my breaks at work, sitting in the cafeteria with my eyes closed, crocheting away at 50 miles per hour. Once, I made a bedspread for a friend's graduation, and in the time crunch I was actually working on it in the car at stop lights. And sometimes at go lights... but I got it done in time!

I'm making a granny square baby blanket for one of the high school teachers. Or I was until I got sidetracked into making Christmas gifts. Now that THAT is over, I can get back to the baby blankie. It's about two-thirds done, so no worries mate...

Here is the bedspread I spent about two years making for my friend Rick. Notice that this one is NOT granny squares, hence the lengthy work-time. When it's a huge (full-size bed) one-piece, the blanket gets pretty heavy after a point, and in the summer heat you do NOT want to be working on a fifty-pound blanket! Plus, couldn't tote the pieces around in a little tote bag to work on in odd moments. But, after all that and then some, I did get it finished and even delivered to Rick. I was even fortunate enough to get there on a day when he had film in his Polaroid, so I was able to get this picture of him with the blanket on his bed. Have more on the film in my Real Camera, to be developed in 50 or so years when I get the film used. The yarns used in this are Mexicana Variegated, Royal Blue, Purple, Emerald Green, and Black. All Red Heart brand. All bought brand new just for this project, an event that doesn't occur very often!
So, keep an eye out here for more pix, thanks to Wonderful Carole and my digie cam!


Here's another example of why I'm glad I got that digital camera for Christmas! These snowdrops were blooming just last week; if I had taken a photo with the Real Camera, the film *might* get developed before NEXT January. But thanks to the miracles of modern technology, and Carole, I can share this photo with you now, even though two days later the white stuff decided to cover our lawn and kill off the pretty flowers.

As I sit here at home typing this for the library, I glanced out the window and see that the Goddess needs some Selsun Blue Shampoo; Her dandruff is all over the place and more wafting down as I write. How sad. I just don't care for the cold, I would probably see the prettiness easier if it were warm. If that makes no sense, sorry. *I* know what I mean! I never did like the snow-in-the-poppyfield scene in Wizard of Oz, snow belongs in pretty little jars with scenery... safely enclosed where it can do no harm. Brrr....

Have been working on my cabled scarf while watching Rachael Ray. Nowhere near as close to done as I would like to be, but it's getting there. I took a photo to show the pretty colors and plain cables, and in my infinite creativity (LOL) I wanted to share my discovery of the latest Cable Needle Replacement. Ah, the advantages of using large needles and double yarn; a pencil works so well to make cables with! Judging from the walk to the library, I better get the fingers flying and get the scarf finished...COLD!!!

Have accomplished one goal for the New Year: 51 weeks to go! I got my kitchen drawers cleaned out and organized. Well, the ones by the sink, at least. The ones in the huge-ass cupboard are PIPs: Projects In Progress. I plan to move around the "furniture" in the kitchen, my microwave cart and the cupboards and the hutch, THEN I can clean the cupboard drawers and cupboards. That's a scary thought; if I don't post for a while, send the Marines to do Search & Rescue! What's the current reward for finding Jimmy Hoffa? I could use a few bucks, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find him in the back of one of these cupboards. I *have* to get the cupboards re-organized, as I got some boxes of pans and dishes and other kitcheny miscellanea. I am the Queen of Hand-me-downs; unlike some people, I have absolutely no problem accepting someone's cast-offs. Just don't tell me that you have dishpan hands from washing everything before you brought it to me, when it is obvious even to my poor eyesight that these pans haven't seen the inside of a sink since Reagan's presidency! OK, I'm done venting now... I don't mind cleaning the stuff, after all it's not like I paid a fortune for it (my favorite four-letter "F" word: FREE!). I just hate the recovery from scrubbing, stupid arthritis anyway.

Finished re-reading Delores Stewart Riccio's Circle of Five, Charmed Circle, The Divine Circle of Ladies Making Mischief, and am now re-reading The Divine Circle of Ladies Courting Trouble. Don't you just love books that you can re-read and enjoy as much the second (third, fourth...) time as you did the first time! The Tory O'Shea mysteries by Rett MacPherson are another series I can read repeatedly. And of course the Appalachian mysteries by Sharyn McCrumb. Recently re-read If I'd Killed Him When I Met Him, was just as good this time around. (With a title like that, how could it be anything BUT fabulous!)

OK, time to finish this posting, go read Ross the Intern's blog and Dusty's blog, and check today's free pattern from Annie's Attic. Then sneak over to FrankTalk and read Ruthi's column instead of waiting for the published copy to be delivered tomorrow. Ah, the advantages of the Internet!!!