Monday, March 26, 2007

Another One Done!

Yay me! I finished the baby blanket for Dylon, and he is only three months old! LOL

This isn't the best photo, but the batteries in my beloved digital camera were on their last positrons. I put it over Liam while he was sleeping, thus proving that YES it is big enough for a growing baby (I had my doubts at one point). The mommy has promised to send me a photo of baby and blankie, when she does it will be posted for posterity. Stop laughing, I'm serious here...

Have started the pink baby blanket for Tricia, the Mommy's Day columnist for FrankTalk. Little Luci Lyn is due around Ruthi's birthday, so I am fairly confident that I will get it done in time. It is looking *so* good, if I say so myself. The center of the MAM strip is hot pink, with borders of white and pastel pink. There will be two panels with dark pink centers instead of hot pink centers; in my mind's eye it is delightfully pretty. Even though it's pink... I can't help it that pink is not my favorite color (although an awesome singer!!), but I gotta admit that this one is an exception to the rule. (The hot pink helps, it really "shouts" and offsets the sleepiness of the white and pastel.)

Am thinking about making a maroon and gray one for Alanda for her graduation. That's this June, too, so if I do it needs to be started soon. If I use two strands at once and a P hook, I could get it done in no time (if the arthritis doesn't flare up too badly). The finger I tried to break (by falling on the ice) is a little better, I can use it to type on the computer now. But still have a LOT of pain when bending it or straightening it. Not to mention the swelling, which is hard to notice because my fingers are so chunky in the first place... Yes, my life sucks. Get over it! If I can put up with the bu--sh-- that is my life, so can you!!!

Want to make a blanket for my best bud, Diana, but since she is going through Cleaning Mode, I hate to give her something else to be put away for the summer. Besides that, she is a much better and more prolific crafter than I am; it would be like cooking for Martha Stewart. Except that I like Diana, and I don't like Martha. I used to make her lap quilts every year for Christmas, until I finally got to see some of her quilting. The woman did impossibly tiny stitches! I am nowhere near that skilled, in spite of all the years of practice. But I keep trying, and need to get to work on the baby quilt mom wants me to make for Baby James (my sister's step-daughter's new baby). But it is so much more fun to write! I wrote a "ghost column" for Ruthi, in case she doesn't get her column done in time this week. I must say, it is pretty good-- although nowhere near her talent! Will post it on my website Just Call Me F7 later tonight, I think...

Well, time to read this week's FrankTalk online and get my website updated! Check out the website, and write something in my new guestbook!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Another one done in time!

Got the teacher's baby blanket finished and delivered before she delivered! (LOL)

Mrs. Wattie, the art teacher at the high school, had a boy Monday. His name is Vincent, and this blankie should last him into high school. The granny squares are the "fancy" ones, with interlocking loops at the corners. The rows alternate squares of red/yellow/blue (primary colors) with white borders, with squares of purple/orange/green (secondary colors) with white borders. Then each row is bordered, top to bottom: red, orange, yellow,green, blue, purple (rainbow order). Finally, the whole blanket is bordered with white, red, yellow, blue, white, purple, orange, green and white, with picoted scallops along the final border. That's Alanda in the photo, holding the blanket upside down. RED AT THE TOP, I told her. Well, we were all a little upside-down that weekend...

Now I am working on one for Liam's counselor at the elementary. She had a boy back in December, his name is Dylan. This one is a new pattern that I finally learned, the mile-a-minute. The strips are variegated blue, with borders of medium blue and red. Looks pretty good so far; have one more strip to make, then sew together the last three strips, and I can take photos. This one is a bit smaller than I usually like to make, because in adapting the original afghan pattern I shortened it a bit more than I thought. Still plenty big for a baby blanket, though. I just like to make blankies that can be used for a LOOOOONG time. Figure if I put that much work into it, the recipient better get lots of use out of it!

I've also started a baby blanket for Tricia, who writes for Frank Talk Magazine (see the link to Ruthi's column at the right). Tricia writes the column, All in a M0mmy's Day; she has a ten-year-old daughter and an eight-year-old son, and little Luci is due in late May/early June. (We all know that the doctor says one thing, but the babies never listen to THEM!) I told her to hold out for June 5th, Ruthi's birthday. This one is another MAM pattern, in pink and white. I got even more creative with this one; playing with the pattern, adding licks and tricks here and there... I have a vision, and it will turn out that way come heck or high water!!! (HA!) Watch this space for further updates and photos of work-in-progress!

I was going to do a whole post about the dead elmo in front of Ben's house, but he still hasn't emailed me the photo he took of it and I never got one done myself before the thaw. Once the ice melted this week (for a few days) someone wasted no time in getting rid of the elmo body... before that it was frozen to the sidewalk. When Ben tried to pull it out of the ice it made very bad sounds, so it was left until warmer days. I made a comment about salting the ice so it would melt faster, and of course then I walked home singing about salted dead elmos and kentucky fried big birds with a helping of mashed snufflalumpalous. I have no idea how to spell snufflalumpalous, and really don't care; I may write the post even without the photo, but it wouldn't be the same. Ben, send me that photo!!! I have so many plans for that picture... photoshop is a wonderful program! {evil giggle}

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Baby's growing up!

Can you believe, when I brought this dog home I smuggled her into the house inside my coat?! My SHORT coat!

Now she just needs a saddle, and I would never need a car again.

Being Lab mix, she is very friendly. As in, "Oh boy somebody new to PLAY with and give me LOVIN'!!!!!" If you are under 5'3" tall, or weigh less than 175 pounds, you probably shouldn't visit, because she will take you DOWN. Not to hurt you, just to lick your face and break your leg wagging her tail.

Every time I see "Over the Hedge" I think of her, when the little Rott puppy comes on. (Nakeyta is also part Rottweiller, but it doesn't show; with her ears, I think she might have some Shepherd or Chihuahua somewhere in the DNA as well). If you have seen the movie, you know what I mean when I yell "Play! Play!" If you haven't seen the movie, go to the library and rent it, it is hilarious. When you see the puppy, picture it all grown up to Pony size, and you have 'Keyta!

One more interesting tidbit, she is Italian by osmosis. As if it weren't weird enough that my cats will eat chip-dip, my dog eats spaghetti. And goulash. If I buy a brand of hard dog food that she doesn't like, all I have to do is pour olive oil over it, or pour some spaghetti sauce on it. And no, it isn't meat-flavored sauce; remember Ruthi is a vegetarian and won't eat anything even flavored with meat. Not even ramen noodles. Great, it is officially easier to feed my fur-kins than to feed my skin-kins...


Friday, March 02, 2007


From the Chattanoogan:

James Brooks, 48, of Hixson, died Thursday, Feb. 22, 2007.

He was a native of Burlington, Mi. He was known for his hard work and dedication as product manager with Sierra Solutions.Jim loved music, football, photography and a good laugh. He enjoyed traveling extensively throughout the United States with Sierra Solutions, where he had the opportunity to make many friends. He will be greatly missed.

A beloved son, brother, father and uncle, he is survived by his mother, Carol Coffey, of Hixson; a son, Josh Brooks, of Chattanooga; siblings, John Brooks, of Reno, Nev., Sherry Parris, of Hixson, Linda Fuller, of Reno, and Shane Brooks, of Harrison; as well as several nieces and nephews.

Services were held Sunday at the North Chapel of Chattanooga Funeral Home. Entombment will be at Hamilton Memorial Gardens.Please share your thoughts and memories at or here in the comments section. Arrangements are by the North Chapel of Chattanooga Funeral Home, Crematory & Florist, 5401 Highway 153, Hixson.

Jimmy was my cousin on my sister's side, the oldest of Aunt Carol's kids. I am so tired of the only family reunions being ones where the "guest of honor" is passed on! Worse yet, I didn't even get to attend this one, because I had no way to get clear down to Tennessee from here! {make crying sad face}. So, to all my family and friends: come up here now and visit me while I can still enjoy your visit! If the trip is too much, at least email me. I miss everyone so much...

OK, now I have to go and cry because I've started thinking of all the people that have gone on before me that I miss. Shirley, Mamaw, Papaw, Grandpa Ted, Danny, Timmy, Grandma Thelma, Grandpa Clyde, Mike, Stan, Leo, Crystal, Uncle Leon... and all the ones that I never got to meet: Grandpa Ben, Grandma Edith, Grandma Weeks...