Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Photos to Blackmail With...

Just had to post these photos, because it is so much fun to tease the kids that "I put your picture on my blog/website/myspace..."
The first one is Alanda, in her room, I don't know exactly when it was taken. Recently, that much I am sure of.

The second photo is of Eric, no idea when Al took this of him but do know that it is in the gym at the high school. You can tell because the lighting pretty much sucks for photography in there. But he still looks cute...
Eric was one of the stars of the recent comedy hit, "Nothing But the Truth," put on at the high school by Community Unlimited. Did I mention that my camcorder power died fifteen minutes into the first act? Luckily, Kim's dad got everything on tape---and I do mean, EVERYTHING,burp---and that's a story for a different day...

Monday, May 14, 2007

How Times Change with the Kids

Had an email about how things change from your first kid to your third kid. Don't have it with me, but do have the additions that I made for it:

Baby Books. For your first child, you take 200 photos every week, save their umbilical cord when it falls off, have their little footprints in the book, and fill out the family tree back to Adam and Eve. Second child, you get their birthday photos in, maybe, and the family tree goes back to your grandparents. Third child, the baby book is still in the wrapper at their fifth birthday party and you still haven't developed the film from their third birthday party.

hmmmm, nipple questions too: first child, you breastfeed every single drop no matter how inconvenient the location. second child, you breastfeed and pump for the bottle for when you are in public. third child, you stick a nipple on the pepsi bottle and go from there.

Hey, no one is arguing with me! LOL
Now, to come up with some witty stuff about baby blankets...

Friday, May 04, 2007

Lots of Gallimaufries Today!

To all my Pagan pals, HAPPY BELTANE!!
Tonight the plan is for a Birthday/Beltane Bonfire Blast, to celebrate Alanda turning 18. I get to chaperone a bunch of teenagers, yippee. At least no one has griped because I demand it is booze-free; when she turns 21 it will be a different story. Until then, no underage drinking on my property. After then, probably still no drinking on my property! Too many things can go wrong, because so many people just don't know when to stop. What can I say, I'm a party-pooper. {ha}
Printing up the graduation invitations for all the people that I don't have email addresses for. Since I haven't worked for awhile, don't get welfare, and just found out that I won't be getting a tax refund after all, anyone that I can email gets their invitation that way. God, how I do love the Internet! Except for Yahoo right now..... I want to take their "Error 999" and stick it right in their USB ports....
Eddy is still dead, but my favorite techie emailed me directions to diagnose the issue. Also got input from a local, and had my own thought as a result of his suggestion. Hopefully one of the suggestions will work to resuscitate poor Eddy; since I am not likely to receive another free computer in this lifetime, and if I DID get one I would be hard-pressed to find a name for it. Maybe I should start going with names of Girl Singers instead of Boy Singers... except that all we females KNOW that computers are male. (Could always compromise with Boy George or Alice Cooper...)

Alice Cooper was on Last Call with Carson Daly this week, and has written a new book. Alice Cooper, heavy metal rocker for what--thirty years?-- is a golf addict. And admits it on national tv. What guts! And to prove it, here is the cover as shown at I just might request this at the library, just to see what The Man has to say. Like our library would get a book by ALICE COOPER, ha that's a good one! The man could write a book on Bible Study and they would find an excuse not to get it because of his "history"... hey, Vincent, if by chance you read this, I challenge you to write that Bible History Study so I can prove my theory of intolerance at my local library! And I promise to buy a copy if you will come to Union City to autograph it for me!

Here's a great quote from his website bio:

However, if that's not stomach-churning enough for you, then consider this, perhaps his sickest outrage: Alice Cooper actually ran for President of the United States against that other paragon of perversion, Richard Nixon. What's really sick, though, is that Alice lost. [italics and bold print are my addition.]

Hey, if The Terminator and Jesse Ventura can be elected governors, why not?! Vincent, run again: you will definitely have MY vote! And now that Alanda is 18, I can't guarantee her mind but would bet my yarn stash, or even my Sharyn McCrumb novels, that you will have HER vote. (If not, she is not my clone after all!)...

OK, I will get off my political soapbox for now. And start saving up my pennies for Vincent's campaign drive! Need to get home and start frying hamburgers for the Bash, and pick up the cake on my way home. Didn't get the original cake that I wanted, had to settle for the mundane-yet-appropriate purple flowers. (Alanda means "purple flower.") So if you are reading this today and in my neighborhood, stop by a burger and some cake and ice cream!

And don't forget, graduation is next month!

In the spirit of Family and Friendship: You are invited to join us in celebrating the graduation of Alanda Bernadette-Cheri McRae
On Sunday, June 3, 2007 At 2:00 PM Union City High School
430 St. Joseph Street Union City, MI 49094
Come early for a good parking space!
Please join us for cake and punch after the ceremony at our home Three blocks from the school.
School Colors: Maroon and Grey
Class Colors: Maroon and White
Favorite Colors: Silver and Black