Monday, November 05, 2007

My Mom's Treasure

This is an ashtray from my grandparents' restaurant. Cousin Shelley's cousin gave it to her after his mom died, and Shelley gave it to my mother at the family reunion this summer. This dates back even before my time; I don't know exactly when, but I know as a child in the 60s they used plain glass ashtrays without advertising. So when Shelley gave this to my mom, it became a Genuine Family Heirloom. Since I don't get it until mom passes on (if my brother doesn't accidentally break it by then!), she was kind enough to let me photograph it. So this photo is my heirloom, and I hope very much that I don't get the real thing for a LONG time! I love my mommy!

I Needle Little Lovin'

I got to try my hand at spinning Saturday at a craft festival. I totally sucked at it, but was great fun to try!

This is a photo of some of the famous recycled tote-bags I have been working on. The red one was a gift to a neighbor, the two smaller ones are currently in use for small projects when I am on-the-go, and I also made a purple one like the big red one for myself. The big ones (and some of the small ones) have an extra "pocket" inside to tuck scissors, hook, etc. Is this a great use for old laundry soap bottles or what! And there are more to come, of a totally different design. The smaller ones shown are made using old bleach bottles. The unshown design... is made from all sorts of laundry soap bottles. Photo forthcoming when I get a new battery for my camera (it's an older one that uses the more expensive watch batteries, not the cheapie AA ones...) Can't complain about the cost of the better batteries, as much as I get to use my camera nowadays, the batteries literally last years. Can't even remember what year I last replaced them! (Not that THAT is surprising, I can't remember squat anymore...)

Have also been refining the pattern I have for 2-needle socks. The original pattern is for 2-3 year old kids; by changing needle sizes I have been able to make them adult size. Even doubled the yarn and use size 15 needles to make super-thick ones. Yummy warm, but need to refine the leg part a little more. Have been partying with the box of yarn Dusty sent and making shorty socks and super-sorty socks. The super-shorty ones are basically just slippers, but there are a lot of people that wear socks that are that short, so I am calling them socks! They are so pretty, because Dusty sends BEAUTIFUL yarns! My mom will be getting a green pair for Christmas, made with super-soft green yarn and green eyelash yarn that Dusty sent; luckily Mom doesn't get online unless I am with her to help, so I can tell that big secret! And will include a photo when I get the famous batteries. (Actually have the socks FINISHED already. Wow me!!) And I totally love the result, so will be making quite a few more pairs for her (and eventually myself--- always after everyone else's). Providing I still have use of my hands after all the typing I am doing today!

Watched "Phenomenon" this week, or at least parts of it. Warning: VENTING NEXT MILE! One fellow claimed to be channeling the spirit of an author to learn what selected item was in a sealed box. He communicated via "spirit writing".

The item turned out to be a toy car. The "author's" description was: "Metal. Rectangle. 4 weels."
Yes, that is an accurate transcription. "Weels". Now, if *I* were a deceased author, communicating by WRITING on LIVE NATIONAL TV, I would certainly take the brief half second necessary to SPELL THE WORD "WHEELS" CORRECTLY!!!!! An AUTHOR, for crying out loud! I wanted to reach into the screen and bitch-slap the guy. And tell him that his acting sucked worse than my spinning; did a great impression of a gran mal seizure, but not of interacting with spirits. Unless he was being possessed by a demon, and we all know that authors aren't demons: EDITORS are!

OK, now I feel better. Thank you. Back to watching "The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" and banning the show "Phenomenon" from my television set permanently. Even though Ross the Intern was one of the "judges"-- I love Ross, but even he can't make up for that!

Great. DH is here, so need to end this and get offline. And now have to give up the computer anyway. Happy frigging Monday...