Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm Baaaaack!

Wow, with all the excitement of the NEW APARTMENT I didn't realize how long since I have posted!

We are all moved in now, still plenty of boxes and bags to sort out and figure out the placement of their contents. But have movies on the shelf, books on the shelf, and some of the knick-knacks on the shelf. All different shelves, that is one really nice thing about the apartment, plenty of shelves and closets and hidey-holes. (I even have a Harry Potter room in our bedroom). Plus with the shelf units we brought from the old hole, I mean home, lots and lots of space for display.

Less than a month there, and yesterday I felt the need to rearrange the bedroom furniture. Can you say "NEVER AGAIN," children? Wouldn't have been so bad had we not had to work around unpacked boxes. Would have been much worse without my brother there to help with moving the bed! And all the other moving he helped with...

Thanks also to John (picture to be posted later when I find what safe spot I put the digital camera in)... for lifting, for driving, for the new tv stand, and especially for my famed Half Coffee Cup that I have been looking for ever since my folks sold the restaurant back in the late seventies! Will post a picture of that one too..... eventually.....

But the best house-warming gift of all was a visit from my bestest friend in this and any other universe! Diana and her hubby Oscar drove all the way from Ypsi to see me. Yes, I finally got to meet the famous Oscar, and I approve of him. (grin) In spite of some hormonal issues from my oldest, a great time was had by all. This is the first time I have seen Dusty in person since before I was pregnant with my son, so it was a visit long looked forward to! And worth the wait.... although I hope it won't be another thirteen years before the next visit! I love my Diana, she is the true Google Goddess. Even when she wasn't around, she has been a cornerstone of my life.

The kids are home from the dreaded foster care, Liam has his own room (being the only boy, he gets the special treatment). Ruthi (now going by Amanda) and Alanda have to share a room. This is not the best idea in the world, but it's only a three bedroom apartment. And I am NOT sleeping in the living room with a perfectly good bedroom downstairs that is big enough for my beautiful BED (thanks again, Katrina!!). They will live; they shared a room when they were much younger and survived. And they get the biggest bedroom, which is just about big enough to be two bedrooms. So they have plenty of space (they would argue with that statement!), it's just a matter of getting everything arranged "fairly"... glad I have a set of earplugs!

Still trying to find another job besides the laundrymat; still trying to figure out how to afford a car; still allergic to cardboard boxes; still jumping through the hoops for the government. Some things never change.

Still helping with the music system for the Community Unlimited play, The Tales of Scherezade. Still trying to get the songs out of my head while washing dishes, laundry, typing.... At least they are all in tune when I hear them in my head..... {giggle}