Saturday, July 28, 2007

Reunion is a great site!

Hey there world! Look who I found hanging out at and! This is Mike, also known (back in the day) as Moose, or Big Mike (to distinguish from the younger Mike, Little Mike). We hung together both in high school (what I remember of it, have spent ---a few-- years blocking the memories of those years in general) and afterward. Mike was in the car the day that Daveykins almost lost his license, but I cried until the cop took pity and let him off with a verbal warning. Those were the days...

It is so nice to know that I still have friends left alive... at least two of my classmates that I *wanted* to see at reunions have died, one from a heart attack, one from a car accident. Another classmate died of pneumonia, another from a heart attack (but he wasn't my "pal" like Crystal was), and yet another from cancer (not too long after graduation, whereas the rest have been in the last ten years). Guess I should be grateful that we are all too old for active duty, or at least I hope we are, because I haven't heard of any of my classmates dying in Iraq or Afghanistan. Yet. Now that I have opened that can of worms for the Fates to get ideas from...

Anyway, I am just a happy little camper now, and what would make me happier would be if Mike didn't live on the other side of the frigging country now. But I can't blame him, the weather is much nicer there and the employment opportunities have GOT to be better than here. And he owns his own house! Hey, Mike, looking for a roomie? JK, or am I????

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: Goddess Bless the Internet!

Monday, July 23, 2007

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my only Little Sister, Dawn! Didn't get her present done yet, and haven't gotten a decent card to send her. So decided to post her photo for the world to see, and let everyone know that she is now.... over forty. Don't ask for details, we don't do numbers here!!!