Monday, April 30, 2007

Eddy's Dead

My computer at home died this weekend. I am so miserable that I am actually cleaning house. Please send chocolate, books, and earplugs as soon as possible! And Pepsi, I could really use some Pepsi. And chocolate chip cookies. With or without milk for dunking (in spite of my college past, I refuse to dunk my cookies in Pepsi).

Other than that, Alanda turns 18 this week; providing we all live that long.... raging hormones and a full moon, graduation stress, all combine to make people more crazy than usual. And then Eddy the computer dies. And here I finally found a photo I had been looking for, of Dusty, from MSU; and I can't scan it and I can't add it to my screensaver. THIS SUCKS!!!

I was looking for something to read while eating the other day (I know it is bad to read while eating, but I don't care) and I picked up a copy of She Walks These Hills by Sharyn McCrumb that was sitting there innocently on my bookshelf. Hadn't read it in awhile. Twelve chapters later I realized it was almost time to get the kids up for school! This woman is so darned good, and she even answers her fan mail! Really!
If you get the opportunity to read any of her Ballad novels, clear your schedule because these books are very hard to put down. Sharyn and Rett MacPherson, my two published idols. (Dusty is going to be added to the short list as soon as she sends me a copy of her published novel).
OK, now it is time to hit the library shelves and grab a few copies of her other novels, that I don't have at home. Don't expect to hear from me for a couple of days!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Duh Attack and Spring Fever

Well, duh. I just discovered that I never posted the pix of Tricia's pink baby blanket! So here are some shots of the blanket to go with the picture of the booties that I made to go with the blanket. (Tired yet? I can get you a road map to help follow along.... this IS called "Ramblings" for a reason!)

Got spring fever this weekend, and fixed up the ugly white mailbox. These photos are a little off because of the sunlight hitting just right, the mailbox is NOT striped. Just plain bright yellow! And the flag is definitely a contrasting color! Gorgeous shade of green, my friend Randy calls it "Froot Loop Green" but I love it anyway. {grin} I also painted the driveway posts, since my mom always has trouble seeing them at night. If you look closely in the first photo, you can see the first post to the left of the mailbox. George woke up from his nap, and asked "Who went yellow crazy?" Damn it, they are pretty now! Sometimes I think that I can't do a thing without a smarmy comment from him . This was one of those times. Oh well, buckos, my mailbox is now PRETTY and *I* like it. So there!!!

Another Accomplishment, and Life in a Small Town

Not the best photo, but they are so cute and warm! These are the pink baby booties I made to go with the baby blanket I made for Tricia from FrankTalk fame.

Just dropped them and the blanket off at the local dimestore, for her dad to pick up tomorrow when he delivers the magazine. I just love living in a small town! Couldn't do that at your local WalMart!!! Although there are many times I can think of things I DON'T love about living in a small town, the good stuff outweighs the bad. Although I would still rather live in the countryside of the small town, rather than smack in the center, but without a car this is the best spot for us. I can walk to the grocery store, and the laundrymat, and the post office, and the library, and the schools, and sometimes I even get really lucky and someone stops and gives me a ride. Not going to happen in New York City, I bet!

What really gets me, is that Alanda wants so much to live in New York City, second choice is Chicago; but she is adamant that she won't move to Battle Creek because it is too dangerous! Now, I won't say that the town isn't dangerous, ANY town can be; but I would be more afraid to have her live in Coldwater (smaller and "safer") because of certain conditions there. Won't go into details, just say that there are people in that town that she is safer being far away from. Since we never know when he is in or out of jail, I figure it's just best to stay away from there whenever possible. Still, afraid of Battle Creek but not of NYC. I give up figuring this kid out!

Not that she is much of a kid anymore. She went to the prom, after much debating on whether she wanted to or not, and ended up having the best time of her life. Considering what a fiasco the other school dances end up, I was relieved to say the least. We figured it out, though: the prom wasn't held at the high school! She had one anxiety attack, but her friends helped her through it with the co-operation of a teacher who let them break rules by leaving the building and coming back in. Teacher stayed with them, of course. So since they were chaperoned, *I* don't consider it breaking the rules. So there! Thanks, teach...