Monday, October 13, 2008

Quilt Tale

Last week a long-time family friend passed away from cancer. But one good thing happened at the visitation....

When her youngest daughter was pregnant I made this baby quilt for her. If you know me, I tend to go overboard on baby quilts when it comes to size; I feel that if I am going to spend that much time making it, then the child should get more than a few months of being able to use it! I do NOT make itty-bitty baby quilts! Well, this quilt tale shows why.

The first thing her mother said when she saw me was, "She still sleeps with the baby quilt that you made her."The baby's name is Cindy, and I finally got to meet her at the visitation for her grandma. Her mother introduced me as "this is the lady that made your baby quilt that you still sleep with." I got a hug from the THIRTEEN-YEAR-OLD and a thank you! It seems that it is her pride and joy. I can't tell you how warm and fuzzy that made me feel! After all this time, for her to not only still have it, but to still cherish it. Doing the happy dance, y'all.... And apparently it is still in good condition, even after MULTIPLE washings. So, I did good. After that moment, I decided to not hang up the needles just yet.... still have some love to share.

Incidentally, that's my youngest daughter (now known as Amanda) holding the quilt for display. In the other photo that I can't find here at the library, she and Alae are holding it together so that you can see the actual size. This one was more for detail. Amanda is now a senior in high school, so looking at this photo really brings back the memories.....

Fuzzy fuzzy joy joy. Gives me faith that I will be able to finish the Super Quilt that I have planned...... and that it will be worth the needle-stabs.