Monday, October 11, 2010

Thursday, September 09, 2010

My Adventures With Wild Cherry Bark

Ah, the joys of crafting.

I started to knit my sister's birthday present last night. Started out with my size three dpns. All went well, until I noticed that it was turning out way larger than it needed to be... oops, different weight of yarn than called for in the directions. No problem. Frog the first row (all that I had done at that point, glad I was paying attention!), do some mental math (grind teeth, find whiskey, give up and figure it out on paper, pray to Minerva that I calculated correctly), and cast on again.

OK, it's going great, everything is perfect. Now I get to where I change to size 5 dpns. Bear in mind, it's about 2 AM-- if you can't sleep, do something useful. I get out the package of size 5s, start to knit, and realize that there are only three needles in this set.

Now, if you have never used dpns, here's the reason I flipped: you knit x number of stitches on three needles, making a cute little triangle. But to do this, you need a fourth needle to knit the stitches. Ergo, I was fubarred. Flummoxed. Flipped out. I couldn't just run to the LYS (Local Yarn Store, to you non-crafters)-- it's 2 AM! And even if I had wanted to waste the gas to go to Wal-Hell, their craft department is under-stocked (evil Wal-Hell) and the chances of finding the size I needed were slimmer than Cher. I could just put the knitting away-- hahahahaha! Yeah, right!

But the little voices in my head, they are smart. "Lyn," they said, "what is a dpn, but a stick with modified points on the end? Can you not find a substitute somewhere in your craft supplies? Can you not-- listen, Lyn, this could work-- can you not use a size F crochet hook in place of the fourth needle?" After all, it isn't like the points have to be sharp, just pointy enough to slip between the yarn and make a stitch. The end of a crochet hook would work, and a dpn doesn't need to be pointy on both ends, as long as there is nothing blocking the end of the needle to keep the stitches on. So I whipped out the trusty hook, said a quick "pleeeeeease" to the heavens, and tried it.

Glorioski, it actually worked! Takes a bit of concentration, especially if you are a tight knitter (guilty), and the wider spot on the center of the hook handle is irritating when you are sliding yarn along, but IT CAN BE DONE. So thus I knit on Sis's present until about 3, then finally got to sleep.

I debated buying more dpns, because that wide spot on the hook is irritating, but I hate the idea of spending money for a whole set of needles when I really only need ONE. So this afternoon while calling the wide spot dirty names, I decided: I'm in Battle Creek anyway, I'm only a few blocks away from the Charitable Union, it won't kill me to go there and spend 50 cents for a set of size 5 dpns. Providing they had any. Knowing how the knitting needles do not always stay organized, I brought my trusty needle-sizer with me to be sure I didn't end up with a 4 or 6 (shoot, I could do that at home!). I ended up volunteering to sort the dpns and label them, because after the fifth set of needles with three different sizes, I was getting way more irritated than the hook made me feel! They were more than glad to let me organize them.☺ (A non-profit organization accepting volunteer help -- Ya THINK?!) So I spent a happy hour, sizing needles and sorting them into sets. Sadly, some of the sets only had three to a set, but there were also three sets that only had ONE needle to them. There was ONE size 8 dpn, one size 7, and one size 6! Happily, there ended up being TWO sets of size 5, so I bought one set and left one set for someone else (I am so generous! )

And bought more yarn.

Then, I asked what their needs are for charity knitting (if anyone is interested, they need mittens, lots of mittens, preschool to adult size), since I have them on my list for charity knitting this Yule season and I thought it would be nice to make something they can really use, rather than just make something and hope it fit a need somewhere. As a result, I left with a bag of yarn for free, to make mittens for them. On top of what I had bought for my own use. I'm just glad that my daughter doesn't read this blog, and hopefully she won't notice the two bags in the back seat of the car... apparently, the mis-informed young woman (at 21 I can't call her a child, I guess) thinks--- ready?--- that I have too much yarn already. Yeah, right! That's like having too much money, or too many books. Or in her and her sister's cases, too many shoes and purses.

Ha. I win.

Back to my knitting!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy ☺

Last Christmas I knitted approximately six billion pairs of mittens and matching hats. Well, it certainly felt like that many!

Some were for charities, local and kind-of-local; some were for my family's kids, and some were for Old Man's family's kids.

Yesterday we were visiting his niece and her family, and I was knitting a pair of mittens for the Headstart kids at Pine Ridge Reservation. I asked her son (who is going into kindergarten) to try them on for size, since I was knitting from memory-- and my memory isn't always the best! His sister (above)-- who is going into first grade, holy cow!-- pipes up with, "I love my mittens, Aunt Lyn!" The ones I had made her for Christmas last year...

She got a humungous hug! While inside my heart was going all wishy-washy happy-dance.

That's what keeps me going when I wonder "why am I doing all this again???"

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Another Great Night of Karaoke ♫

A picture is worth a thousand words (and a pitcher is worth $5). Jeff knew when I walked in the door of the bar and said "Give me your drink"-- he just knew that I had made him a cozy. Smart man, he knows me pretty well! At least, he is pretty accurate at predicting my actions... (first clue, if you think, "she'd never do :: that ::"--- I probably will...!!!)
Ah, the joys and thrills of an evening at the Pioneer! Only one more week until Friday night! ☺

Saturday, June 26, 2010


crap. this is my 100th post, and what is it about? how shitty i feel today. why am i not surprised. and who cares anyway.

frog it. i'll take some pain meds -useless- and take a nap. thats about all i'm good for lately.

Monday, June 21, 2010

WWKIP: World Wide Knit In Public Day

Saturday, June 19 was World Wide Knit in Public Day. Around the world, knitters and crocheters gathered to work their yarny goodness where all and sundry could watch.

I wasn't able to attend the KazooYarnies group gathering in Kalamazoo, due to a family reunion scheduled for the same time in Coldwater. BUT-- I did knit at the reunion, and later that night at karaoke in Union City. So, I had my own worldwide KIP day, sort of!

This is me. This is me knitting.
This is me knitting at the Pioneer in Union City.This is public.

This is me knitting in public.

Hope all my yarny pals had lots of fun on WWKIP Day!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Short one.

John the Baptist. Now there's someone who had trouble knitting!

So as bad as things get, they could always be worse; at least I'm not John the Baptist.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Stupid Picture of the Day

People actually need to be told this?

Of course you shouldn't put small children in plastic totes!

There wouldn't be enough room for the yarn stash!


Monday, March 29, 2010

Jenny's on Ravelry now!

Yep, I have brought another to the yarn side... (Actually, she has been a knitter/crocheter since I have known her, thanks to her Mom being a 4H leader) but now I have led her to the Knirvana that is Ravelry (free patterns!).

I also introduced her to the gift shop at Charitable Union, where they sell not only beautiful hand-made items, but also hooks, needles, threads, yarns, craft kits, patterns, books.... you get the idea. At thrift-shop prices, no less. While I picked up a copy of "500 Full-Size Patchwork Patterns" by Maggie Malone (hardcover, $2) and a couple of quilting magazines, and an almost-full skein of yarn, and an antique crochet hook, all for just under $5, Jen found some embroidery kits ($3 each, in original packaging, never opened) and other goodies; then we crossed the street to Kricketts where we both found excellent deals (of course, it's Krickett's for crying out loud!),and finally, across Calhoun Street to BC Burgers. The Calhoun Corner Triple-threat, as I like to call these three stores. Oh yeah, major hat trick there at Calhoun and Franklin Streets in Battle Creek! Yarn, used books, and the best burgers in three counties. Trifecta!

Yep, another convert. I'm happy. {grin}

Best of all, because of the proximity to KCC we were able to do all this and still get back to campus in time to finish up our work for our classes. With time to spare. And get the best parking spot in the lot! Woot!!

Queue Update

My Ravelry queue is up to 340, not counting the patterns in my library that I didn't add because I have the pattern so can make them anytime without having to figure out where did I find the pattern online....

That really does make sense, if you're a Raveler!

Also updated my projects list a bit, so I have pix of (some of) the stuff I have made over the years. Even added pix of the people they were made for, when I had one. I have so many more photos, that I can't add, because they are either quilts or things I have sewn. Which doesn't quite fit into the Ravelry protocol, but I don't mind. I have my notebook (somewhere in here) with pix of everything (that I have pix of)...

And am getting OF to keep track of what he's made in the quilting arena; recently bought him a nice little pocket photo album to keep his quilt pix in to take with him. (I got tired of running back home to get the latest quilt top because someone wanted to see.) Also set him up a page on FaceBook, so he can post his pix there and have access to them later. And show them off to everyone....

Us Girls went out for karaoke Friday night. Again, some people should be given microphones with dead batteries (flashbacks to Colorado Springs).... but all in all, had a good time. Took (very dark) videos of the girls singing. Now to get the camera card and see if they can be edited to actually show the person in them... Again, I did not sing. Except at the table. With no mike. And learned that head-banging to AC/DC is just not the same when you have short hair.... [sigh]

And found out that I *am* smart enough to add "drink recipe" when googling Screaming Orgasm. (I was too chicken to try it without the modifier... I *really* don't want to know what I might find. I'm still reeling from the Puppetry of the Penis book!)

Started the doll that I promised to make for Nitia, at the bar during the singing. Had to quit when I needed both hands to cover my ears a few times, but got a darn good beginning on it. Now to get'm done. Should be interesting..... making a few slight modifications to the pattern so that it will look like her favorite character from Clerks. Progress reports will be issued-- when I have progress to report.

OK, now everyone get over to e-bay and bid on the stuff that etroll has up for auction!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blah blah blah...

Woot!! Taxes are done!

Bummer... Homework isn't.
What in the name of all that is holy and sacred made me think that I could handle a full course load of college work?

At least I got the baby blanket done in time for Essence's baby shower (more or less... got it done in time for the gift giving, even though I was half an hour late getting there because I was going to get it finished first come heck or high water). Waiting on Rose to email me the photos of the finished item. Until then, all I have on Ravelry is a photo of the beginning. At least it shows all the colors...

This makes three Otterwise patterns that I have managed to complete. The first was Wild Cherry Bark Mitts, then I made a Corydalis cowl for my mom, and finally the Wave Baby blanket. I love Diana's patterns, they are easy to make but look difficult. (Not hard; see, Mrs. Waligora, I *am* paying attention in English class!) Next in line is another pair of WCB Mitts for my sister, then after some baby stuff for Essence (actually, for her soon-to-be-born daughter, Sacred), either the Farrow Rib Set or the Cloud on Her Shoulders Shawl. I only have 187 items on my Ravelry Queue... not counting the horse sweater pattern that I need to get from Dusty, so I can make for ---- someone---- (I don't know if that person reads this, so I have to behave and not spill the beans just yet).

OK, off to the post office and the library. Might get some of that homework done today...

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ravelry is Da Bomb!


I made this sweater for my then SIL back in the early 80s. Of course now I have no idea where the pattern is, and I want to make another for someone (not a SIL). Well, thanks to Cindersall on Ravelry, I will now be able to make it again!

She was the only person to find the correct pattern (everyone else pointed me to Mary Maxim), and it is truly amazing because she is currently in EGYPT of all places, and this pattern is in the only old copy of McCalls that she brought with her! With the knowledge of not only what magazine, but what ISSUE, it was, my beloved Diana was able to find a copy on ebay. So now I am just waiting on the mail, as I can't even set aside the knitting needles until I get it because I don't know what size to use.

This was the first time I ever did knitting in the round, which is one of the main reasons that this pattern stuck in my mind. Also my first intarsia. And my first Fair Isle. (Um, bite off more than you can chew, much?) But I somehow managed to not only finish it, but to not hate knitting afterward. Pretty amazing, considering my lack of patience back then (yeah, I have SO much of THAT now!!!).

I can't wait to start this again! (In different colors this time.... just to be different, because that's how I am).

Friday, January 22, 2010

In reply to Otterwise's Rounding Out Thursday :-}

Snort. Giggle. Fall on floor laughing.... someone had WAY too much fun making this video!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kitten Mittens 1

I can't help it, I just keep hitting REPLAY and snurkling every time the poor kitty falls off the table. Bet he lands on his feet! OK, I snurkle while the kitty walks, too.... how can you not?

I know that if I tried this with our cat, I would need stitches... instead, I am IN stitches!
I gotta watch this one more time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy happy joy joy!

Got my new stitch markers today from and they are of course, absolutely gorgeous.... the attached photo shows which ones I got (also the large crystal ones in the top corner).

Now to decide which ones I can part with (hahaha) to send on to a certain favorite knitmeister (knitmeistress???).... would share some with Leslie, but that would be sending coals to Newcastle as her daughter Erin makes them to sell on Etsy as well..... I can't wait to get a DECENT pair of needlenose pliers so I can make all the ones I have started collecting beads for......... found the eye-pins and others at Dollar Tree, just love to save that coinage...

almost makes up for having to deal with the quack doctor this afternoon, if I don't end up going in the opposite direction to take the boy to HIS doctor (who is actually intellgent)... hoping that a day of rest and food will heal him up, he fell in gym yesterday and could barely walk by the time he got home (good thing he took the bus from the afterschool program)... I really wish the legislature would do something useful for once and ban dodgeball and any games involving a dodgeball!!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Photos: Best of 2009, first favorite of 2010

Some of my favorite photos from 2009...

And my first favorite photo of 2010!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

While I usually am offended by the term "retarded" when used in a derogatory fashion, I couldn't stop laughing at this video.... My favorite part: Spoiler Alert. Sit back, relax, and laugh!