Friday, June 29, 2007

Died in the Wool

What incredible crappy luck. The library got a new copy of Died in the Wool by Rett MacPherson, and damn if it isn't from the same bad run! Eight pages of Annabelle and Flora, who have absolutely nothing to do with the story.

I may have to take a bus to St. Louis and get a copy directly from the author, at this rate!

At least the other novels by her are all okay, so I am re-reading them (again).

I did get an email from Rett, that her next novel will be out next year: The Blood Ballad. I offered to proofread it for her for free... haven't heard back yet. Hey, I am addicted to Torie O'Shea, I admit it!!!

Still kicking here in Hicksville...

Just wanted to let the world know that I am still here. For what it's worth. Pretty sad that my adopted kids love me more than my blood offspring, but true. Guess it's less embarassing how *CRAZY* I am when they aren't genetically related. But that's OK, because someday it will all come back to them. The wheel turns and all that you send out returns threefold.

There, I've had my say. Wicca Rocks, thank you very much.

Patches had two kittens yesterday, as of 5 this morning they were still alive and healthy. Not to be negative, but we'll see how long that will last. The last few batches of kittens have all passed to Bast before reaching one month. Sad, because they were so frigging cuuuuute. But Al got a kitten from a neighbor, that is actually the offspring of our beautiful missing Casey, and Amour (she named him) is doing beautifully and being a treat to have around. I told her today that when she moves out I am keeping her cat. She didn't like that idea at all, so I told her that if she moves somewhere that she can't keep him (like a college dorm room) then we would be happy to take care of him while she's gone. That went over better.

Will someday get around to posting a photo of Casey, he has been missing since we sold the van this spring. I don't know if he snuck in before it left, or if one of the neighbors shot him, or took him into their house and kept him, or if he just ran off to die somewhere. Or found some fresh you-know-what to interest him and took off after her. But we miss him, he was a sweet cat for being a crazy Siamese.

OK, that's it for now. Need to go home and wash dishes. How exciting is my life?!?!?!?!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Day Late...

Day late and a dollar short.... not a surprise, huh?! Anyway, happy anniversary to Patsy and Frank Simington, 40+ years yesterday. I would say it seems like yesterday, but as I was just a toddler at the time, I honestly don't remember anything other than photographs.

This photo was taken back in 1993 at a Union City basketball game that their son Rick was playing in. The sign refers to the fact that the last time the Chargers won the state finals was in 1961, and this year the team was going for a repeat. Sadly, they didn't make it to the finals that year, but got awfully close and gave it a heck of a shot. I will never forget the sight of Matt (approximately 5'4") literally jumping over a 6' player from the opposing team. Or for that matter, the expression on the other player's face! Somebody somewhere must have it on video, I would like to see THAT posted on YouTube! Don't look at me, though, I didn't even have the still camera with me that particular night...

Rick did go on to set a school record for points scored or rebounds or something like that. Don't ask me, it's a sports thing.... the only sport I do is Quiz Bowl! I did make him a maroon and gray quilt with a Charger horse, and his sports info embroidered in the corners, for his graduation. I do have a photo somewhere, need to find it for my famous Scrapbook (the one that currently exists only in my mind.... and that's a scary place to be lost!)

Friday, June 15, 2007

Paradise on Planet Earth

OK, I'm happy now.

Even though the Rett MacPherson novel had some printing difficulties (eight pages were from a totally different book!), it was a wonderful read. Think I'll wait for the next printing before I buy my own copy, hopefully they will fix those little errors then.

But best of all, and the reason for the title of today's rambling, is that I *FINALLY* got to go to BC Burgers in Battle Creek and get a hamburger. Divine is ten steps short of accurate... these burgers are better than Shaner's (sorry, dude) and even better than my bomb-burgers. Brought one home for Alanda because she didn't get to go with us, and it was still warm after the twenty-minute drive home. And still dee-lish-ous... (I offered to eat it for her, but she would have taken my head off if I had actually tried.) I am telling you, these burgers are fabulous.... and I have missed them so much!!! If the terrorists would eat beef, I would bring them all over here (a few at a time, the building isn't that big) and buy them all lunch at BC Burger; and thus would end all wars forever. Because you can't feel anything negative after eating one of their meals! YUMYUMYUM!!!!! I could almost deal with the high school right now (and that is saying a lot!). Shoot, I even forgive St. Martin's Minotaur for screwing up Rett's new novel, and you KNOW that is a big deal!!!

Mmmmmmm, I will feel good for awhile now... even though I will be booted off the computer here at the library in a couple of minutes so need to end this and get it posted. Remember, when you are feeling down just get to Battle Creek and get a BC Burger; cheaper than Valium and a whole lot more effective!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Finally Got my Book!

The librarians finally came through, and I am going home tonight with a copy of "Died in the Wool" by Rett MacPherson!
Looks like I won't be painting tonight! About time I get the paint off my arm from the last time I painted the bathroom, first... no, that can wait until I am done reading the book.
So if I don't post or email anyone for a few days, you know what I am doing: reading, and probably RE-reading, Rett's latest novel!
See ya later, everybody!!!

New stuff on the website

Yay, I'm finally getting the website updated. Check here to see the "New and Improved" site... Hey! Wait a minute! Give me a few minutes to get it reposted!!! {grin}

Daddy's Home, and Other Ramblings

What a week...
George went to the hospital last week, was transferred to Kalamazoo and had a pacemaker put in. He is feeling better now than he has for the last couple of years. I am feeling a lot of relief, I must admit. Just have to learn how to cook again, now that he is on a low-sodium, low-cholesterol diet. Low sodium wouldn't be a problem, I use every spice except salt it seems like; however, there are so many things out there that don't necessarily have salt but their sodium levels are outrageous. Even cottage cheese! Luckily, he is LOW not NO sodium; as long as *I* dish out the food he will be ok. Before, he would eat the entire container of cottage cheese; now, with me playing Cook of the Day, he gets a small serving (about half the recommended serving size) and that is all. Of course, last night I went "fancy"... I put some cottage cheese in a bowl, added some peach low-fat yogurt, mixed it all together and tossed some fresh-picked strawberries on top. Looked cute, and was even tasty enough that he ate every last bite. I know it sounds kind of yucky, but that's because I don't like cottage cheese myself. The finished result looked and tasted like a pudding. (Personally, I still prefer chocolate!)

Darrell and Savvy were here for the weekend, a great time was had by all. He fixed the neighbor's friend's kid's bike for him, mowed my lawn (which is what George was doing that sent him to the hospital in the first place), and gave the kids a good lecture on how to behave when Daddy got home from the Cardiology Unit. Savvy totally defeated my lectures to everyone in town that Darrell is NOT my boyfriend, by calling me Mom. But since she is one of my Adopted Kids, I can cope... after all, at one point she was my granddaughter, before her birthmother decided that she wasn't my stepdaughter after all. Talk about your one-branch family tree...

Anyway, the Weeks Family Reunion is in a couple of weeks, and I am hoping to get to attend this year. Have an old family photo that I am HOPING someone can identify. We know the man in it is Grandpa Smith, but the woman is unfamiliar. A pox on the people that don't write names and dates on the back of photos!!! (Or that do, then glue them in an album so that you can't read the backs!) For that matter, a pox on whoever got me interested in genealogy! With names like Smith, Jones, Brown, Weeks, and Carpenter on the family tree, Tylenol is a good investment...

Cheaper than tequila, too....

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Help Me!!!

Finally found a photo online of the christmas stockings that I *used* to have the patterns for. The site that had this photo said that the pattern was in the December 83 issue of Crochet World, and I found that issue for sale on ebay, but turns out that it is the wrong issue. I am 99% sure that it WAS in Crochet World, and 100% sure that it was a December issue (duh!!!), but only know for sure that it was during the 1980s. If anyone has the pattern or can get the pattern, PLEASE let me know! I am getting desperate, I really want to make a few sets again and I DON'T want to try to make the pattern myself! Please, all my crafty pals, help me out here! Anyone that finds the pattern and gets it to me, I will make you a pair if you want!!!
Thanks folks. I needed to vent a bit there for a second!