Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rumors of My Death, Yada Yada Yada

Still alive. Just very busy: packing, trying to find a new home, trying to get the damn Hotmail to work here at the library, working with Community Unlimited, packing, reading (now hooked on Kim Harrison and P.N. Elrod), crafting, laundry, new group I joined on Yahoo (thanks, Dusty!!!), watching movies (waiting for "new" Vicar of Dibley tapes from the library, and drooling over Capt. Jack Sparrow in At World's End), writing letters to my beloved children who are still in foster care, and trying to not overdose on pain pills and anti-depressants....

Amanda Ruth had Concert Band Festival last weekend; they garnered straight 1s (perfect score). Liam has now read all of the Harry Potter books (except for Deathly Hallows, a little too intense for him right now) and is working on the Charlie Bone books by Jenny Nimmo (by this time, he is probably finished with them). Casting is scheduled for this week for the community play, Scherezade, Amanda and Alanda both want the leading part. Both would be excellent for it, but then, I admit to being biased!

Then, to add to all the stress, I get the message that my Mom is in the hospital from high blood pressure. She went home yesterday, I got time on my cell phone and called her, and found out the Rest of The Story: she had had a mild stroke. So she is now home, not driving, using a walker, but able to speak clearly again. Off work for awhile, just what she needs to reduce the stress in HER life (she is the only wage earner, Dad is retired). My younger sister has previously had at least one mini-stroke (that *I* know of); so the news that my cholesterol was "a little high" at my annual check-up was no surprise. Actually, it has been "a little high" for the past five years, but apparently not high enough to warrant medication for it. This year I did get one surprise, my blood sugar was "a little high" as well. Normally my blood sugar is too low; I was always kind of relieved about that, as there is a history of "The D Word" in my family. But as my stepmom said, too low can change overnight to too high. Gee, here I was so happy because with all the stress and depression and DBFs I had been eating less and walking more and actually lost close to 20 pounds, thus thinking I was getting healthier. But no, just the opposite. When will I learn, STOP THINKING because it SO frequently turns out to be bass-ackwards!!!!!!

Thank Goddess for the Internet, my friends Dusty and Deb and my new friends at the disabled pagans group!