Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ravelry is Da Bomb!


I made this sweater for my then SIL back in the early 80s. Of course now I have no idea where the pattern is, and I want to make another for someone (not a SIL). Well, thanks to Cindersall on Ravelry, I will now be able to make it again!

She was the only person to find the correct pattern (everyone else pointed me to Mary Maxim), and it is truly amazing because she is currently in EGYPT of all places, and this pattern is in the only old copy of McCalls that she brought with her! With the knowledge of not only what magazine, but what ISSUE, it was, my beloved Diana was able to find a copy on ebay. So now I am just waiting on the mail, as I can't even set aside the knitting needles until I get it because I don't know what size to use.

This was the first time I ever did knitting in the round, which is one of the main reasons that this pattern stuck in my mind. Also my first intarsia. And my first Fair Isle. (Um, bite off more than you can chew, much?) But I somehow managed to not only finish it, but to not hate knitting afterward. Pretty amazing, considering my lack of patience back then (yeah, I have SO much of THAT now!!!).

I can't wait to start this again! (In different colors this time.... just to be different, because that's how I am).

Friday, January 22, 2010

In reply to Otterwise's Rounding Out Thursday :-}

Snort. Giggle. Fall on floor laughing.... someone had WAY too much fun making this video!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Kitten Mittens 1

I can't help it, I just keep hitting REPLAY and snurkling every time the poor kitty falls off the table. Bet he lands on his feet! OK, I snurkle while the kitty walks, too.... how can you not?

I know that if I tried this with our cat, I would need stitches... instead, I am IN stitches!
I gotta watch this one more time!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy happy joy joy!

Got my new stitch markers today from and they are of course, absolutely gorgeous.... the attached photo shows which ones I got (also the large crystal ones in the top corner).

Now to decide which ones I can part with (hahaha) to send on to a certain favorite knitmeister (knitmeistress???).... would share some with Leslie, but that would be sending coals to Newcastle as her daughter Erin makes them to sell on Etsy as well..... I can't wait to get a DECENT pair of needlenose pliers so I can make all the ones I have started collecting beads for......... found the eye-pins and others at Dollar Tree, just love to save that coinage...

almost makes up for having to deal with the quack doctor this afternoon, if I don't end up going in the opposite direction to take the boy to HIS doctor (who is actually intellgent)... hoping that a day of rest and food will heal him up, he fell in gym yesterday and could barely walk by the time he got home (good thing he took the bus from the afterschool program)... I really wish the legislature would do something useful for once and ban dodgeball and any games involving a dodgeball!!!!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Photos: Best of 2009, first favorite of 2010

Some of my favorite photos from 2009...

And my first favorite photo of 2010!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

While I usually am offended by the term "retarded" when used in a derogatory fashion, I couldn't stop laughing at this video.... My favorite part: Spoiler Alert. Sit back, relax, and laugh!