Monday, March 29, 2010

Jenny's on Ravelry now!

Yep, I have brought another to the yarn side... (Actually, she has been a knitter/crocheter since I have known her, thanks to her Mom being a 4H leader) but now I have led her to the Knirvana that is Ravelry (free patterns!).

I also introduced her to the gift shop at Charitable Union, where they sell not only beautiful hand-made items, but also hooks, needles, threads, yarns, craft kits, patterns, books.... you get the idea. At thrift-shop prices, no less. While I picked up a copy of "500 Full-Size Patchwork Patterns" by Maggie Malone (hardcover, $2) and a couple of quilting magazines, and an almost-full skein of yarn, and an antique crochet hook, all for just under $5, Jen found some embroidery kits ($3 each, in original packaging, never opened) and other goodies; then we crossed the street to Kricketts where we both found excellent deals (of course, it's Krickett's for crying out loud!),and finally, across Calhoun Street to BC Burgers. The Calhoun Corner Triple-threat, as I like to call these three stores. Oh yeah, major hat trick there at Calhoun and Franklin Streets in Battle Creek! Yarn, used books, and the best burgers in three counties. Trifecta!

Yep, another convert. I'm happy. {grin}

Best of all, because of the proximity to KCC we were able to do all this and still get back to campus in time to finish up our work for our classes. With time to spare. And get the best parking spot in the lot! Woot!!

Queue Update

My Ravelry queue is up to 340, not counting the patterns in my library that I didn't add because I have the pattern so can make them anytime without having to figure out where did I find the pattern online....

That really does make sense, if you're a Raveler!

Also updated my projects list a bit, so I have pix of (some of) the stuff I have made over the years. Even added pix of the people they were made for, when I had one. I have so many more photos, that I can't add, because they are either quilts or things I have sewn. Which doesn't quite fit into the Ravelry protocol, but I don't mind. I have my notebook (somewhere in here) with pix of everything (that I have pix of)...

And am getting OF to keep track of what he's made in the quilting arena; recently bought him a nice little pocket photo album to keep his quilt pix in to take with him. (I got tired of running back home to get the latest quilt top because someone wanted to see.) Also set him up a page on FaceBook, so he can post his pix there and have access to them later. And show them off to everyone....

Us Girls went out for karaoke Friday night. Again, some people should be given microphones with dead batteries (flashbacks to Colorado Springs).... but all in all, had a good time. Took (very dark) videos of the girls singing. Now to get the camera card and see if they can be edited to actually show the person in them... Again, I did not sing. Except at the table. With no mike. And learned that head-banging to AC/DC is just not the same when you have short hair.... [sigh]

And found out that I *am* smart enough to add "drink recipe" when googling Screaming Orgasm. (I was too chicken to try it without the modifier... I *really* don't want to know what I might find. I'm still reeling from the Puppetry of the Penis book!)

Started the doll that I promised to make for Nitia, at the bar during the singing. Had to quit when I needed both hands to cover my ears a few times, but got a darn good beginning on it. Now to get'm done. Should be interesting..... making a few slight modifications to the pattern so that it will look like her favorite character from Clerks. Progress reports will be issued-- when I have progress to report.

OK, now everyone get over to e-bay and bid on the stuff that etroll has up for auction!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Blah blah blah...

Woot!! Taxes are done!

Bummer... Homework isn't.
What in the name of all that is holy and sacred made me think that I could handle a full course load of college work?

At least I got the baby blanket done in time for Essence's baby shower (more or less... got it done in time for the gift giving, even though I was half an hour late getting there because I was going to get it finished first come heck or high water). Waiting on Rose to email me the photos of the finished item. Until then, all I have on Ravelry is a photo of the beginning. At least it shows all the colors...

This makes three Otterwise patterns that I have managed to complete. The first was Wild Cherry Bark Mitts, then I made a Corydalis cowl for my mom, and finally the Wave Baby blanket. I love Diana's patterns, they are easy to make but look difficult. (Not hard; see, Mrs. Waligora, I *am* paying attention in English class!) Next in line is another pair of WCB Mitts for my sister, then after some baby stuff for Essence (actually, for her soon-to-be-born daughter, Sacred), either the Farrow Rib Set or the Cloud on Her Shoulders Shawl. I only have 187 items on my Ravelry Queue... not counting the horse sweater pattern that I need to get from Dusty, so I can make for ---- someone---- (I don't know if that person reads this, so I have to behave and not spill the beans just yet).

OK, off to the post office and the library. Might get some of that homework done today...