Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Spoons and Forks and Spatulas, Oh My!

Wow, I rode Alanda's bike to the Community Unlimited meeting last night because I had left later than intended. Bicycles and I are not good friends, more specifically, bicycles and my KNEES are not good friends. Although riding the bike downhill on Park Street with my cape billowing behind me was incredible, today I am paying for it.

On the walk to town to use the library computers, not only did Alanda have to walk behind and give me a gentle nudge up the hill, but when we got to Town and I faced the steps to the sidewalk, I learned that I couldn't bend my knee to go up them. Tried, got one step, and learned that I couldn't put the pressure on the knee to actually move up the steps. Had to walk the long way around to where the sidewalk levels out, which would be ok except that in order to avoid even the single step in front of the library, I would have had to walk another half-block and then back. Which, of course, my knees were hurting too much to permit. So ended up sitting on the short wall and swinging my legs around, and let Alanda pull me up to standing. How embarassing, not to mention painful. At least she knows enough to not just jerk on my arm, or I would be in even worse shape.

This is so pathetic. I hurt too much to walk but am not to the point of needing a wheelchair. Which is a very good thing, as I would never be able to get in or out of my house, since the landlord removed the ramp at the back door when they tore down my garage. Thank Goddess that George is able to walk better since he had the stent put in, or I would have to sue the landlord to get another ramp. He had an awful time making that step, when he was having so much trouble with his legs and balance. So guess that I shouldn't complain. But dammit, my knees hurt and I am tired of living like this and the condescending looks from people that think I am less than worthy because I don't have a job. People would be a bit more polite if I had an "obvious" disability; Parkinson's, for example, or a cast or brace, or something that shows the whole frigging world that "Yes, I do have physical issues, I am not 'just being lazy' or 'thinking I am too good to do certain jobs'." There are days that I want to just pull my hair out by the roots, except it hurts too much to lift my arms that high. (Thought: is that why I am determined to grow my hair long in spite of the care hassles? Trying to get it long enough to pull out without having to lift my arms? Hmmm, could be....)

I realize that there are people in the world with much worse problems than my own, so don't start lecturing me on how I should count my blessings. Believe me, I do appreciate what I do have. Starting with friends like Dusty, who passed the Spoon theory on in her blog. Gives me something to make funny remarks with, such as the time I said I had not only used up all my spoons but had even worn out the spatula. If I couldn't be sarcastic or amusing or whatever you want to call it, I would be so whiney that Dr. Jack would break his parole... For the good of everyone around me, of course; ease their suffering of having to listen to me! (See, more funny ha-ha comments.)

Now that I have typed all this, I am looking forward to going home and sucking down a handful of pain pills. OK, really just one or two. With the arthritis I probably couldn't actually hold a real handful, so put down the phone, I am NOT suicidal. But I will have to put off the pain pills for a few more hours, because tonight is Ruthi's band festival at the high school and I really want to go; and while the pain pills work (sort of), they knock me out more than anything. I don't want to lay down for a little nap before the festival because of the pain pills; I know that it would be more like "Wake up it's MORNING" instead. So, the pills will wait until much later. Wish I could find a compromise, something that makes the pain go away without making me sleep for ten hours... Oh well. (Deep subject: turn it sideways and you have a tunnel. Sorry, had to throw that comment in for old times sake!)

Going to mosey over to My Yearbook and MySpace and see what is happening with the rest of the world. See you in Cyberworld!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Everything in a Nutshell (and I'm the Nut!)

My mom is the bomb. She found a bunch of old photos--- and I do mean old! We went to the library and I scanned them and uploaded them to my Flickr account. Now to get hold of various relatives and see if anyone can identify some of the photos. There is one with about thirty women; we know my grandmother, her mother, her sister, and her grandmother, but the rest are unknown. Taking a wild guess that it was a special family reunion, though, because my grandma and her mom are wearing matching dresses. And my grandma only wore a dress two other times in her life; once for grandpa’s retirement party, and once for her father’s funeral. So I can guarantee that it was SOME special event!

Have been working on some of my crochet projects; overdid it yesterday and today so am paying for it with very sore and tired hands. Makes the typing a bit slower (not that it CAN be much slower…). But I got my purple project bag done, the red one for my neighbor done, the red one for my friend Joanne done, and the autumnal-colored smaller bag done for my mommy. Even got photos, this time! The film is at the store awaiting developing, should be back by Wednesday but then I have to get to Coldwater and have $$$$ at the same time. One or the other I can usually do; it’s the simultaneous activity that throws me off. Hopefully the photos will turn out, since it turns out that my batteries finally died. They do last a long time…. But not forever!

George goes in Thursday to have cataract surgery. Hopefully he will be able to see better afterward, and able to read again. Next step is to get him a hearing aid, so he can stop YELLING BECAUSE HE CAN’T HEAR HIMSELF OR ANYONE ELSE! Not that I am complaining… there are times that his hearing is perfect, usually when you don’t want him to hear you. But the majority of the time, he mishears you just enough to get a good fight going. And of course, he swears that he heard you right. One of my favorite quotes comes to mind: I know you think you understand what I’m saying, but I don’t believe that what you heard is the same as what I said. Or something like that; used to have it on a card somewhere. Now that card is in A Safe Place.

Updated my Myspace profile a bit, check it out. Gotta get home and read the Charlaine Harris novel that the library got for me. And all the other ones in the stack! Easier on the fingers than crocheting, but at least with the crocheting I can watch TV or movies while I work, the kinetic memory works while the brain vegs out on brain-numbing Hypno-gourd activity (if you don’t follow that reference, then go and read anything Xanth by Piers Anthony!).

Monday, October 01, 2007

Still here!

Good grief, I knew I had been busy over the last couple of weeks, but didn't realize that it had been a month since I posted!

George had to go to the ER earlier this month, spent just under a week at Bronson Hospital in Kalamazoo. There is a special place in heaven for the nurses on the cardiology unit, for putting up with him when he started to feel better! He is a grand pick (yes, I meant to type the "P"!!) when he doesn't feel like crapola. They never really figured out exactly what caused his "spell," but did plenty of tests and sent him home happier than when he went in. Of course, at the ER when the doctor wanted to transfer him, he didn't want to go; so the nurse, being a smart woman, handed the consent form to ME to sign. HA HA, we gals stick together, old man! Sometimes men just have to be taken care of, whether they want to be or not.

The one good thing about his stay, was that he got to talk with some of his sisters that he doesn't get to see very often, and he even had visits from his niece and one of his daughters... who brought her month-old baby with her. We are always the last to know..... Wish he would have been able to get a photo, but will be content with his happiness to see Soo Ming. Now that he is home, hope that family and friends will continue to STAY IN TOUCH WITH HIM. Some of us appreciate family!

Our favorite granddaughter got to spend this past weekend with us, so he was REALLY feeling happy when he saw her. She doesn't get down here often, and never gets the message when we call her (thank gods for email!), so Poppy doesn't get to see her as much as he would like to. She is a good kid, and I actually like having her around; the ultimate compliment from me! Ha...

Found George's family tree album, and need to do some updates with all the new nieces and nephews that have been born since I originally compiled it for him. So, will end this post and go do that right now. And make a sign for the laundrymat. And print a pattern for Joanne. Will try to do better with my postings for the next few months..... really!!!