Friday, December 14, 2007

Bah Humbug

'Nuff said.
Unlike Ebenezeer Scrooge, I won't be finding the inherent Christmas spirit this year (although I am living with the Spirit of Christmas past, everyone who missed the play this year really missed a great performance). Not that anybody cares (except Dusty), but y'all should remember the old adage, "If Momma ain't happy, ain't nobody happy" and guess what, Momma ain't happy. We will be celebrating a new holiday when the kids come home, it shall be known forevermore as Dickless Bastard Day. Until then, small dolls shall be getting piercings, voodoo style... not as actual voodoo, please understand, as I DON'T do the dark side of magick. It is strictly therapy. And yes, it feels good. At least I am honest about my failings.
Have been cleaning out my stashes -- crafts, that is! Have a box of yarn for Martha, she knits afghans and lap robes with her church circle to donate to long-term care facilities. (With thanks to George Carlin for correcting my politically incorrect use of the phrase, nursing home.) And a bag of fabrics for Aunt Sally, whom I HOPE is still quilting. If not, then at least I know she will find a good home for the stuff. Have donated boxes upon boxes to the local thrift shop, and still have more boxes at home. Don't ask about the bags of trash that have left the house! I am trying to find homes for everything usable, rather than just throw away everything that I don't desperately need at this moment in time. What can't be used, I don't feel guilty disposing of, but if it is still serviceable-- well, I wasn't raised to just trash stuff, there are others that may need or want what I don't. So better that they get it, than to have the dumps filled up with items that are still good. For those who disagree and think that I should just play Bag Everything And Throw It Away No Matter What It Is, take a flying leap. I am sticking to my guns (metaphysically speaking, as there are no guns in my house, haven't been for a long time and probably a very good thing right now!). But I digress... if it is still good, it will go to another home, not just get trashed. It's my stuff and as an American I hope that I still have the right to dispose of my belongings as I wish. Although as a low-income American, my rights are minimal, in the system as it stands now.
Anyway, happy frigging whatever holiday you celebrate, and if you need books (yes, I am getting rid of books, mark this day on your calendars, people!) or clothes, please stop by the house soon. It's (almost) all going....